News Briefs: NBC Finds Its Herman Munster for Mockingbird Lane


... If Jerry O'Connell's recent track record with television is any indication, Mockingbird Lane should last about four-and-a-half episodes. The former star of Do Not Disturb, Carpoolers, and The Defenders has been cast as Herman Munster in the upcoming NBC show Mockingbird Lane, a re-imagining of the classic Munsters series from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. Really? Jerry O'Connell? The fat kid from Stand By Me? As Herman Munster? How many questions can I ask in a row? [TV Line]

... More Mockingbird Lane news! True Blood's Mariana Klaveno was almost penciled in as matriarch Lily Munster after the pilot she was committed to, ABC's Devious Maids, was passed on by the network. But with Lifetime in discussions to pick up Devious Maids, she's been forced to bow out of the Lily role. That is, unless the Devious Maids creator releases her from her contract. OH THE POWER OF SHOWRUNNERS! [TV Guide]

... ABC's dating show White Guy Bangs a Bunch of White Women in Exotic Locations might have its first minority centerpiece. Roberto Martinez, who won the sixth season of White Woman Bangs a Bunch of White Men in Exotic Locations and has since broken up with Ali Fedotowsky, has reportedly signed on to be the first Non-White Guy Bangs a Bunch of White Women in Exotic Locations. Way to trailblaze, Roberto! [Life & Style Magazine]


... Spike TV has a new show called Last Family On Earth, a reality competition in which participants fight for a spot in a luxury underground bunker. Contestants will be tested on their survival skills, leadership ability, and integrity (or as much integrity as can be had by a reality-show contestant). The finale of the six-episode series, which will see the family moving into a bunker designed to withstand nuclear war, asteroids, and the Snooki Apocalypse, will coincide with the day before the Mayan calendar says the world is supposed to end. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fuse Network has announced three new shows but they're all too stupid to be listed here. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Half of the shows being made today are pitched by powerful people who think their lives are interesting enough to be the focus of a TV series. Hollywood PR vet Howard Bragman is producing a scripted E! show about a young hotshot PR guy in Hollywood! HIS NAME IS BRAG-MAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! This is too easy. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Billy Corgan (of Smashing Pumpkins) is producing a pro-wrestling reality show. Hmm. [Rolling Stone]

... Those of you with Dish Network who want to watch the Mad Men finale this Sunday, have fun finding it! The satellite company and the cable network are at odds over carriage fees; Dish says the low ratings don't justify how much AMC charges, and AMC says, "Screw you we have Mad Men!" So Dish has ousted AMC to cable-guide Siberia. Look for AMC on channel 9,609. AMC's sister networks, WEtv and IFC has also been given the nine-thousand treatment. [NY Daily News]


... Do you want to behead your enemies, torture prostitutes, and have cow poop thrown in your face!? OF COURSE YOU DO! Well you can almost be King Joffrey Baratheon, the despised despot of Game of Thrones, for just $30,000. HBO has announced that it's selling replicas of the Iron Throne, the symbol of power that everyone in Westeros wants, for 30 large. However, it won't actually be made out of swords. Instead it will be 350 pounds and seven feet of fiberglass. If you were really cool you would buy it and then convert it into a toilet. [NY Times]

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