News Briefs: NBC Is Delaying Community's Return, Which Might Be Good


... NBC has confirmed to that it's delaying the premiere of Community in order to give the show "proper marketing support." The comedy was supposed to return for Season 4 on October 19, but it looks like the network has finally come to its senses and doesn't want to exile it to Fridays. If I'm reading into this correctly, this is a strategic scheduling move and the plan would be to move Community to a different night once NBC decides some of its new comedies stink and cancels them, which would give Community a better chance at survival. Also, my dream of an hour-long Crystal the Monkey comedy block could come true if Community ended up paired with Animal Practice! To be clear, NBC has NOT set a new premiere date or confirmed that Community will no longer air on Fridays—all we know is that it won't return on October 19. And I guess I should also tell you that this news applies to Whitney as well. [NBC, Hitfix]

... Syfy has ordered a fourth season of its strangely compelling reality series Face Off, which pits aspiring movie makeup artists against each other with impressive and terrible results. At this point, the series' biggest task is going to be finding contestants in this niche profession to compete on the show. [Syfy via press release]

... Animal Planet has ordered a second season of Off the Hook, its hiply titled reality series about pro wrestler and fishing aficionado Eric Young. Look for 18 episodes next summer. [Animal Planet via press release]

... NBC is going to throw a bunch of people into the wilderness and call it a show. Get Out Alive will be hosted by Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls and feature two teams of regular people who must survive in the outdoors and drink each other's urine. Eight episodes have been ordered for next summer. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Syfy is adapting the Chilean reality series Opposite Worlds for America. The competition program features 20 people who obviously compete in challenges, with the winners living in a futuristic utopia where all their needs are met and the losers scraping by in a prehistoric struggle. The 12-episode series, which does not have a premiere date, will air twice a week. There's a decent chance people will drink each other's urine in this one, too. Cross your fingers! [Syfy via press release]

... ABC has ordered three more scripts of its new comedy The Neighbors, a sign that the network is considering a full-season pickup. The series, about aliens disguised as humans that live in a gated community, performed well in its opening week after Modern Family, but crashed back to Earth (haha!) in its second week when it settled into its real timeslot after The Middle. Maybe ABC ordered three more scripts because it just can't get over Dick Butkus jokes. [The Wrap]

... The CW is helping out its target audience that's too lazy to read books for English class by starting development on an adaptation of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. The series, titled Expectations (not so great this time around?), follows a small-town girl who moves to San Francisco with great expectations only to find that making it in the big city is like totally hard. Luckily, she gets by thanks to an anonymous rich person who makes things happen for her. America's darling Reese Witherspoon will produce. [Deadline Hollywood]

... For those of you looking for Cliffs Notes on video games instead of books, Fox has your six. The network is developing an action/comedy series based on the EA game Battlefield: Bad Company, about four soldiers who leave the military and complete missions for private organizations. Hopefully the network will stay true to the atmosphere of the game by occasionally playing audio of 12-year olds calling you homosexual slurs. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central has ordered a pilot for Broad City, based on the web series of the same name that follows two women in New York who... basically just do normal things. It looks kinda funny though, and Amy Poehler will produce. [Comedy Central via press release]


... FX's drama pilot The Bridge has found its male lead in Demian Bichir. The Oscar nominee will play a Mexican detective who is hunting a serial killer who's killing people on both sides of the border. Diane Kruger was previously cast as the female lead, an American detective who's working with Bichir's character. [FX via press release]

... Morris Chestnut is joining Showtime's Nurse Jackie next season. He'll play a new doctor who served in Iraq an Afghanistan in a season-long arc. [Deadline Hollywood]

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