News Briefs: NBC Is Remaking Wiseguy


... NBC is attempting a remake of the 1980s cop procedural Wiseguy, one of the first crime dramas to accentuate storytelling through the use of arcs—you know, the thing that every show does nowadays. In the original, Ken Wahl starred as a cop who went to prison to make contacts with the criminal underworld. Plus he had the awesome name of Vinnie Terranova. Could be good, could be horrible. [Deadline Hollywood]

... E! is moving The Soup to Wednesdays, which totally messes up my weekend pattern of whining about my hangover and then easing the pain by watching Joel McHale make fun of Ryan Seacrest. Great, now I have to start drinking heavily mid-week. [THR]

... Comedian Jim Gaffigan is jumping on the "men are lame" bandwagon with a new single-camera comedy at NBC. The would-be series will star Gaffigan (My Boys, lover of bacon) as a "lazy man" who is married to a strong woman and who helps raise four kids. It's different from other shows because he has four kids. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Making shows about blogs is so 2009. Making shows about a single blog post is so 2011. Tracy McMillan wrote a popular piece on The Huffington Post called "Why You're Not Married," and the networks went nuts for it. ABC won the resulting bidding war, and will develop a project based around the article's tenets, which go something like this: Ladies, you aren't married because you suck. [Deadline Hollywood]

... You know how people who are new parents won't shut the f*** up about their kids? When it happens to celebrities, they make shows about being new parents. Jerry O'Connell recently had twins, and now he's producing and starring in a project about being a father. CBS is developing the idea, and showrunner from the recently canceled How to Be a Gentleman will write it, so you know it's going to be outstanding! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Christina Milian is joining NBC's The Voice as a social media correspondent. In other news, there is now a job title called "social media correspondent." Qualifications include knowing how to turn on a computer, having a Twitter account, and knowing what LOL means. All interested applicants should be really hot. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Glee is bringing back Jesse St. James. Jonathan Groff will reprise his role as J St. J, but this time he'll be a teacher and the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. I hope that makes sense to you, Glee fans, because I have no idea what I just wrote. [TV Line]

... Two and a Half Men's Melanie Lynskey will appear in an episode of House sometime in January. She'll be the wife of the patient-of-the-week. [TV Line]

... Character actor Jennifer Coolidge will recur on 2 Broke Girls. She'll play Max and Caroline's neighbor. [Deadline Hollywood]

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