News Briefs: NBC May Start Its Fall Season in August

Alright, wise guy, we're moving you to August!


... NBC poops on TV tradition. The network is considering starting its fall season in August, with new comedy Go On and the second season of Grimm the likely candidates to premiere before Labor Day. BUT WHY? Why would NBC do this? Stop yelling and I'll tell you! NBC is airing the 2012 Summer Olympics and hopes to ride the ensuing viewership wave immediately into new programming. It's an interesting idea, but I just don't see it working. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Community's final three episodes will now air on the same night, May 17, and will be billed as a 90-minute Season 3 finale. That's during sweeps week, so if you want a positive takeaway from this news, it's that NBC wants to put up good numbers it can sell against, and Community does particularly well in the 18-34 demographic. This can only mean one thing: RENEWAL IS IMMINENT! You heard it here twenty-first, folks. [NBC via press release]


... TruTV has announced a slate of new series and projects in development. It's TruTV, so I'll sift through the shows and filter out the unimportant stuff. Actually, that's all of them so I'll refine my parameters and filter out the stuff that doesn't sound crazy. Killer Karaoke will feature people who sing while enduring Jackass-esque physical challenges. I smell an Emmy! Other projects include an internet video clip show hosted by Shaquille O'Neal and a game show where right answers earn contestants a flight to party in Vegas and wrong answers make the flight bumpier. Five wrong answers in a row and the pilot jumps out of the plane with the only parachute, I'm assuming. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC has ordered a summer series called The Glass House. The Big Brother-type show will tap into the power of the internet and social media. Contestants who live in the house can connect to the outside world through the interwebs, learning valuable information about other contestants. Viewers can also tell contestants what to wear and what to eat and will dictate who gets voted out of the house. Well this will be interesting. How long before viewers demand that one contestant eats another and wears their face? [TV Guide]

... Hulu is about to make the whole concept of streaming television completely pointless. The service is thinking about requiring users to be pay-cable subscribers to access the site. In other words, to watch TV for free on your computer you'll have to pay $100 a month to watch it on your TV. Everyone say it with me: Hulu, you suck! [NY Post]


... NCIS's David McCallum (he plays medical examiner Ducky) has signed a two-year deal to stay on the show. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Teri Hatcher's Desperate Housewives days are almost over, but her Jane By Design days are just beginning. Hatcher will play the role of Jane's estranged mother on a recurring basis, and will also direct an episode of the ABC Family show. [TV Line]

... John Legend is replacing Lionel Richie on ABC's upcoming music reality series Duets. Richie, who is awesome and you can't deny that, had to drop out of the show, which pairs unknowns with stars for a shot at making it big, because of a scheduling issue. [THR]


... The producers of Starz's Magic City, a period piece set in Miami, had a hard time finding actresses with real breasts. That's some fine journalism right there! [Boston Herald]

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