News Briefs: NBC Reschedules Revolution's Finale


... Following last night's bump of Revolution for special coverage of the tragedy in Boston, NBC has rescheduled the sci-fi drama's season finale. Instead of confusing everyone with two-hour episodes, surprise scheduling, or other stupid things, everything will be pushed back a week, placing the finale on June 3. Well, that was easy. [NBC via press release]


... Syfy's "transmedia event" (ugh, the network's words, not mine) Defiance saw ratings that were out of this world (ugh, my words, not the network's) yesterday. The sci-fi drama pulled in 2.7 million viewers and 1.3 million in the 18-49 age group, making it the largest premiere for Syfy in that demographic since 2006's Eureka. I reviewed the thing, and you know what? I liked it. [Syfy via press release]

... Game of Thrones hit a series high with 4.7 million viewers on Sunday, which is odd considering it wasn't a premiere or finale. And you know what? I reviewed that thing, too! And it was excellent! Meanwhile, the very funny Veep, which returned for Season 2 on Sunday, was down to 1.2 million viewers from the 1.4 million who watched the series premiere a year ago. [Deadline Hollywood]

... What? You want more ratings news? Oooookay... Nurse Jackie returned for Season 5 up on Sunday, pulling in 770,000 viewers. That's up almost 20 percent from last year. You know what? Nurse Jackie is a pretty good show. I started rewatching it again just because, and I'm glad I did. Merritt Wever is awesome as Zoey and Edie Falco says a lot of bad words. And it's funny. The Borgias also returned, but it wasn't as fortunate, drawing only 582,000 viewers, down from the 604,000 who watched last season's premiere. This is one of those shows that I simply will never watch for no particular reason other than I'm already loaded with TV and now I'm supposed to watch Jeremy Irons strut around in fancy pope clothes? Finally, if you enjoy hearing bad news about Mad Men, then you'll like the fact that the second episode of Season 6 sunk all the way down to 2.66 million viewers from last week's 3.4 million viewers. That's a tank. [Deadline Hollywood]


... In a bizarre twist, Fox has pulled an episode of Family Guy from the internet after someone re-edited the episode into a viral video that depicted the series predicting yesterday's bombings at the Boston Marathon. The March episode "Turban Cowboy," in which Peter Griffin befriended a terrorist and also ran the Boston Marathon, was re-cut to portray a terrorist attack at the marathon in a video that made the rounds on the web. Fox has decided to pull "Turban Cowboy" from Hulu and its own site, and creator Seth MacFarlane called the edited video "abhorrent." Way to go, jerkface internet video-maker, whoever you are. [LA Times]

... MTV is developing a new drama centered on a theme park. There aren't many details on the project out there, but it should be a real roller-coaster ride HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wheeeee! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Pat Summerall, one of the NFL's most famous broadcasters, passed away today at the age of 82. Summerall was recovering from surgery after suffering a broken hip. Summerall called 16 Super Bowls and was famously paired with John Madden in the booth. He also worked 27 Masters and 20 U.S. Open tennis tournaments. [The Dallas Morning News]

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