News Briefs: NBC Wants More Chicago Fire Scripts Yes Really


... EVERYONE is getting additional scripts this season, because apparently this is the season of love and opportunity instead of hate and cancellation. NBC has ordered five more scripts of Chicago Fire, its firefighting drama from Dick Wolf. The series' most recent episode posted a 1.8 rating in the adult demo, which was up from the week before. This means that NBC has given full-season orders or additional script requests to every one of its new shows... except Animal Practice. Dammit. [THR]


... USA made a series order today for Partners in Crime, another reality docu-drama about "regular" people that totally isn't staged at all. This one follows a pair of criminal defense lawyers, as if they aren't stealing enough money already. The network is also developing All In, a reality show about gambling, and The Cowboy Way, which follows real cowboys as they struggle to survive in a technological world. Soon, everyone in America will have a TV show, so go ahead and drop out of college. [Deadline Hollywood]

... I don't know what's crazier, that there's now a television genre focused on celebrity diving shows, or that television executives think we want to watch shows about diving celebrities. Following ABC's lead, Fox has ordered its own celebrity diving series, Stars In Danger: High Diving. For now, it's a two-hour special with "approximately" eight stars who will be coached in diving before they jump in the water. ABC's show is called Celebrity Splash, and features a number of stars who will be coached in diving before they jump in the water. This kind of makes me want to kill myself. Anyone else? [Deadline Hollywood]

... TLC has ordered a pair of reunion specials for Breaking Amish—a reality show about Amish kids who leave their lifestyle—to address accusations that the show is fake and get everyone up to speed on the participants' lives. Look for them on November 11 and 18. [TLC via press release]


... ABC Family's comedy Continuing Fred, about a slacker woman who starts teaching elementary school, has cast the parents of the lead character. Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, will play pa, and Absolutely Fabulous's Mo Gaffney will play ma. [TV Line]

... TV Land's Giant Baby will host a Cheers reunion. The comedy, which previously cast Kirstie Alley as a woman who reconnects with the son she gave up for adoption, has brought on the newly single (ROWR) Rhea Perlman to play the lead's best friend. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Chazz Palminteri will guest-star on CBS's Blue Bloods, playing a lawyer for the mob. If his roles goes well, Fox can spin off his character in The Mob Lawyer. [EW]

... HBO's Veep has added Gary Cole (Office Space) to its cast. Cole will play a Karl Rove-type character who will appear in the majority of Season 2. [Deadline Hollywood]

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