News Briefs: Netflix Is Thinking About Picking Up Terra Nova


... Fox canceled prehistoric teen romance soap Terra Nova just a few days ago, but the big-budget show already has a potential suitor. Netflix has reportedly expressed interest in picking up the sci-fi series, just as it picked up fan favorite comedy Arrested Development out of its coffin. But I get this is one of those times like when you offer to buy dinner for friends, then see the bill and mutter "Awww crap" because it's way more pricey than you thought. Only Netflix will see the bill first. It's great that Netflix has interest in saving shows, but the chances of this happening are very low. [THR]


... American Idol is great. The Voice is great. The X Factor is great. The CW's upcoming The Star Next Door will be great. But really, don't we have room for one more singing competition show? Thank you, ABC! The Alphabet (as industry types call it) is starting its own singing show this summer called Duets, which will see contestants partner up with one of four stars and sing their pants off. Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, and someone named Jennifer Nettles will be three of the featured stars, but the real deal is the fourth: LIONEL RITCHIE! True story: Lionel Ritchie is on my voicemail message. Seriously, call me. [TV Guide]

... Comedy Central has picked up a trio of shows. First up is The Burn hosted by Jeffrey Ross, the network's resident Roastmaster. He'll make fun of current events and public figures with all sorts of spiky zingers. Review with Forrest MacNeil is based on an Australian show and stars a man who reviews various experiences for a fake show. Finally, Nathan for You follows a man who gives real advice to real people and real small businesses in reality-show makeover fashion. It should be pointed out that the advice he gives is often horrible, thus making the show funny. [Comedy Central via press release]


... American Idol is bringing on fashion dude Tommy Hilfiger to be the show's "image advisor" for contestants. WHY WON'T THIS SHOW JUST LET PEOPLE BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE!? [Fox via press release]


... Desperate Housewives is killing off a character! And you know who got the scoop? The Justice System. During the contentious trial between show creator Marc Cherry and actress Nicolette Sheridan, details of the death leaked to the court and that news spread to the blogosphere. Warning: Link includes the spoiler, so click at your own risk. [EW]


... Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) is joining CBS' pilot Baby Big Shot. The legal drama focuses on a regular woman who uses her street smarts to out-think more seasoned lawyers in New York. MacLachlan will play her boss. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Party Down's Ken Marino has landed a role opposite Judy Greer in American Judy. The ABC comedy pilot stars Greer as a city woman who moves to the 'burbs with her new husband (Marino). Marino is a funny guy. Greer is a funny gal. This better be funny. [THR]

... Terra Nova's Allison Miller (she played that traitor Skye) has found a new job if Terra Nova is indeed officially dead. She'll co-star in NBC's comedy pilot Go On alongside Matthew Perry. Perry plays a sportswriter dealing with loss who finds comfort in a support group. Miller would play his assisant. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Homeland has promoted Jamey Sheridan to regular for Season 2. Sheridan played Vice President William Walden in Season 1, and is booked for a guest role as the father of the Green Arrow in The CW's pilot Arrow. I wonder which role he's more proud of? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Entourage's Jeremy Piven is in talks to star in the British drama Mr. Selfridge, probably because he thought the title was actually Mr. Self Righteous. [Deadline Hollywood]


... The giant set of eyes and bones known as Ashley Olsen, one half of the universe-famous Olsen Twins, is retiring from acting to concentrate on her fashion line. I like how celebrities who haven't had an acting job in eight years can say "they retired." Yeah... retired! That's it. [Zap2It]

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