News Briefs: Netflix Nabs Another Original Series, All My Children 2.0 Gets Delayed

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... Netflix is staying in the original programming game, and is on the verge of signing its second series. Orange Is the New Black is a comedy from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan that centers on female prisoners. If the deal is finalized, the 13-episode series would run exclusively on Netflix. The video on-demand and DVD-rental service made a deal earlier this year for the series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. [Deadline Hollywood]

... I know you're planning to upgrade your dial-up modem so you can watch All My Children when it migrates to the online space, but you can wait a bit longer. The previously announced January launch of All My Children 2.0 has been pushed back a few months. And for goodness' sake, that thing with the hole that pops out of your computer is a CD-ROM drive, not a cup holder! [EW]

... Starz is sticking with history and developing a six-hour miniseries that chronicles the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. Titled Harem, it will follow a young, ambitious (and, I'm assuming, smoking hot) slave girl who marries Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and ushers in the "Reign of Women." [THR]

... Syfy has announced a new creature feature for our own Price Peterson to make fun of: Get ready for Tasmanian Devil, starring Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Apolo Ohno (speed-skating champ)! The movie will follow base jumpers who get chased by Grizzly-sized Tasmanian devils. This is actually the least crazy of Syfy's crazy movies. [Syfy, via press release]


... Ashley Greene, who is apparently in those Twilight movies, will guest-star on ABC's Pan Am. Greene will appear in a December episode as a debutante with a connection to Ted. [EW]

... British actor Paul Bettany has landed the lead role in Showtime's drama pilot Masters of Sex. Bettany will play William Masters, a sexual behavior pioneer from the swingin' '60s. The role is a dream job, as it's the perfect excuse for Bettany to become a method actor. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 50 Cent, perhaps you've heard of him, will guest-star on Bones spin-off The Finder as a Nobel Peace Prize-winning theoretical physicist. Just kidding! He'll play a hip-hop mogul named Big Glade. [TV Line]

... And playing Mr. Cent's lawyer on The Finder will be Eureka's fetching Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Her character, Athena Brooks, will share a past with Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan). [TV Line]

... One Tree Hill is welcoming back a familiar face: Antwon "Skills" Taylor, played by Antwon Tanner, will return for the series finale next year. [TV Guide]

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