News Briefs: Netflix Nabs Another Original Series, All My Children 2.0 Gets Delayed


... Netflix is staying in the original programming game, and is on the verge of signing its second series. Orange Is the New Black is a comedy from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan that centers on female prisoners. If the deal is finalized, the 13-episode series would run exclusively on Netflix. The video on-demand and DVD-rental service made a deal earlier this year for the series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. [Deadline Hollywood]

... I know you're planning to upgrade your dial-up modem so you can watch All My Children when it migrates to the online space, but you can wait a bit longer. The previously announced January launch of All My Children 2.0 has been pushed back a few months. And for goodness' sake, that thing with the hole that pops out of your computer is a CD-ROM drive, not a cup holder! [EW]

... Starz is sticking with history and developing a six-hour miniseries that chronicles the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. Titled Harem, it will follow a young, ambitious (and, I'm assuming, smoking hot) slave girl who marries Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and ushers in the "Reign of Women." [THR]

... Syfy has announced a new creature feature for our own Price Peterson to make fun of: Get ready for Tasmanian Devil, starring Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Apolo Ohno (speed-skating champ)! The movie will follow base jumpers who get chased by Grizzly-sized Tasmanian devils. This is actually the least crazy of Syfy's crazy movies. [Syfy, via press release]


... Ashley Greene, who is apparently in those Twilight movies, will guest-star on ABC's Pan Am. Greene will appear in a December episode as a debutante with a connection to Ted. [EW]

... British actor Paul Bettany has landed the lead role in Showtime's drama pilot Masters of Sex. Bettany will play William Masters, a sexual behavior pioneer from the swingin' '60s. The role is a dream job, as it's the perfect excuse for Bettany to become a method actor. [Deadline Hollywood]

... 50 Cent, perhaps you've heard of him, will guest-star on Bones spin-off The Finder as a Nobel Peace Prize-winning theoretical physicist. Just kidding! He'll play a hip-hop mogul named Big Glade. [TV Line]

... And playing Mr. Cent's lawyer on The Finder will be Eureka's fetching Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Her character, Athena Brooks, will share a past with Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan). [TV Line]

... One Tree Hill is welcoming back a familiar face: Antwon "Skills" Taylor, played by Antwon Tanner, will return for the series finale next year. [TV Guide]

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