News Briefs: Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Scandal Are Now on Netflix


... You've ruined your pause button by watching Poison Ivy 3 84 times on Netflix Instant Streaming, but now there's something else to watch! ABC has posted the complete first seasons of Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and Scandal to the on-demand service, just in time for you to get caught up before their second seasons premiere later this fall. It seems like ABC is more embracing of the internet as a means to help out its properties, and Netflix is particularly friendly to serialized dramas and binge-watching. Smart move. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Travel Channel has ordered three new reality series. Edge of America will take a look at zany American subcultures and festivals, like Oklahoma's calf-eating festival. Call me when they're eating the testicles right off the calf, then it will be weird. Feed the Beast is another food show about eating food that will give you diarrhea, this time focusing on late-night eateries. Kevin Michael Connolly Project follows Connolly, who was born without legs, as he engages in thrill-seeking activities. [Travel Channel via press release]

... Animal Planet has renewed Call of the Wildman for Season 2, much to the chagrin of turtles. [Animal Planet via press release]

... MTV has renewed Ridiculousness for Season 3, much to the chagrin of everyone. [Deadline Hollywood]

... While you think about getting that leaky sink fixed, Shonda Rhimes has sold another television show, this time to NBC. She's teaming with Grey's Anatomy writer Peter Norwalk for Under the Gun, a drama about a female FBI agent with a darrrrk past. [THR]

... NBC already has a comedy about the White House (1600 Penn) on the way, and now it has a drama in development, too. White House Confidential would be told from the perspective of a young, female doctor and look at both the elite and mundane jobs at the Hizzy. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC is also developing Holiday, a single-camera multi-cultural family drama from Californication producer Gina Fattore. The catch here is that we'll only see the family together during holidays. So with 22 episodes in a full season and each episode occurring during a holiday, I'm guessing there will be a Secretary's Day episode near the end of Season 1? [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC once again (how much money does the network have?!?!?) is developing a legal drama starring Angela Bassett. Vanishing Point, from Source Code writer Ben Ripley, is a legal drama about a supersmart but bitchy lawyer who gets a life-threatening disease that changes her life plan. [Deadline Hollywood]


... The relaunch of Arrested Development will also include Liza Minnelli, who herself is being relaunched by the robotics company that made her. [TV Guide]

... Alfre Woodard is going from playing Lafayette's mom on True Blood to playing Bennett's mom on Private Practice. Woodard. Look for her in a November episode. [EW]

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