News Briefs: Ryan Murphy Sells a Gay Family Comedy to NBC


... He's squeaky clean, he's a monster, repeat. Ryan Murphy, creator of the family-friendly Glee and nightmare-inducing American Horror Story, is going nice again with a comedy at NBC. The show follows a gay couple and the woman who helps them start a family. Awww! Who could guess it's from the same guy who likes gimp-suit ghost sex? [Deadline Hollywood]

... In strangely similar news, Oscar-bait movie The Kids Are All Right, about a lesbian couple and the sperm donor who helped them start a family, is being adapted for television by HBO. So far only a pilot has been ordered. Are same-sex couples TV's next trend? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Ellen Degeneres is producing an ABC show called Weitz & Wong, about a mixed-race couple (Jewish and Chinese, hence the punny title) and their children. Oh boy. "Traditional" families are so last year. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Former Daily Show host Craig Kilborn is attempting to return to television via an untitled single-camera comedy at ABC. Kilborn will play a mystery writer who "has mastered the art of living" and sees his life turned upside down when he meets a woman. Mastered the art of living? You mean he's mastered breathing, eating, and pooping? [THR]

... With the NBA close to calling it quits for the season, ABC will fill its Sunday afternoon with Million Dollar Mind Game, a game show based on a Russian series that was filmed almost a year ago and has just been sitting in ABC's closet. The show pits teams against each other as they race to solve logic puzzles. Can't ABC just put WNBA games on instead? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Law & Order boss Dick Wolf is getting into the period-piece game. He's working with HBO on a set-in-the-1950s drama about a think-tank that's tasked with stopping the launch of a nuclear bomb. Spoiler alert: It worked! [THR]

... British series The Trip may get a chance to tour a new countryside. The show's producers, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, are in discussions to bring the show, about two men who tour restaurants (it's better than it sounds), to the United States. [Digital Spy]


... Jamie Kennedy will host the TruTV reality show Guinness World Records Gone Wild, a new competition show that will see ordinary people trying to gain entry into the fabled record book. [EW]

... Holly Robinson Peete, who was recently fired from The Talk, will return to CBS for a multi-episode arc on Mike & Molly. She'll play one of the thin ones. [Deadline Hollywood]

... In news news, Ted Koppel will be a correspondent on Brian Williams' upcoming news magazine Rock Center. Try to stay calm, ladies! [Associated Press]


... Just how out of touch is CBS? The network has signed Fred Durst, the lead singer of Limp Bizkit, to potentially star in a comedy. He'll play an aging rock star trying to balance his lifestyle with raising a family. Please let this happen. Please, God. Please. Seriously, please. I just want to see how bad this it can be. [Deadline Hollywood]

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