News Briefs: Showtime and Robert De Niro Are Working on a Neo-Nazi Drama

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... Showtime and Robert De Niro are partnering up on a new show called The 4th Reich, about Neo-Nazis in Boston and hell yeah I'm gonna watch if it gets made into a series. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Dr. Phil has been renewed through 2016-2017... if he lives that long, that is. [Deadline Hollywood]

... After making lots of television shows based on good movies, network television today said, "Screw it, let's just make TV shows based on bad movies." CBS has greenlit a pilot based on 2011's Cameron Diaz-starring Bad Teacher. The single-camera comedy would be about a potty-mouthed divorced woman who becomes a teacher. I can count the number of people who want to see this on one hand (and I lost all my fingers in a pasta-making accident in 2007). [TV Guide]

... Fox has ordered two more pilots, both single-camera comedies. Enlisted, from Cougar Town co-creator Kevin Biegel, follows three very different brothers working at an Army base in Florida. Two Wrongs, from writer Michelle Morgan, is about a couple whose friends and families don't think they should be together. Is it me or this pilot season [fart noise]? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Maybe cable will improve the quality of these pilot pickups. FX has ordered a comedy about a man who gets approval from his wife to take a mistress in order to save his marriage. Better, but not bester. [Deadline Hollywood]


... NBC's pilot The Gates made some fine casting choices today. Party Down's Ken Marino and The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi (both pictured above, actual size) have secured spots on the show, which is set outside the front steps of an elementary school where parents drop their children off. Wait, for real? This is what the show is about? Small talk between parents who occasionally run into each other? [Deadline Hollywood]

... Sendhil Ramamurthy, who turned into a lizard insect creature monster on Heroes, has been promoted to series regular on The CW's Beauty and the Beast even though he hasn't appeared on the show yet. He'll first be seen on February 28 as Gabe, a rich New Yorker who sets his sights on Catherine. [THR]

... Brooke Shields has joined Army Wives, and now I've already exceeded my Army Wives news quota for the year. [Deadline Hollywood]

... British dame Charlotte Rampling (the original The Avengers) and Sean Patrick Flanery (The Young and the Restless) will join the Season 8 cast of Dexter. Rampling will play a psychiatrist and Flanery will play a private investigator. [EW / Deadline Hollywood]

... If you were alive today then you probably already heard this bit of news. J.J. Abrams, the creator of Felicity, will direct the new Star Wars movie. Expect the movie to take place on Tattooine, where the multiple suns will provide plenty of opportunity for lens flare. [Deadline Hollywood]

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