News Briefs: Sons of Anarchy Welcomes... Ashley Tisdale?


... Sons of Anarchy is adding a high-priced escort character this season, and you'd think the show would get some hot slut actress who's been in softcore porn and beer commercials to play her. BUT NO. Former Disney star and High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale will be the one wearing the stiletto heels and short skirts. Currently, Tisdale is booked for two episodes. Can't wait to see Opie rip her head off. [Deadline Hollywood]

... In slightly more appropriate casting news, Joseph Fiennes is in talks to join the second season of American Horror Story as the head of the institution for the criminally insane where the season takes place. And don't be surprised if you see Fiennes in stiletto heels and a short skirt, too. Fiennes previously starred in Ryan Murphy's failed pilot Pretty/Handsome, about a man going through the process of getting a sex change. [EW]

... It's a game of last woman standing on Last Man Standing! The show has fired actress Alexandra Krosney, who played eldest daughter Vanessa, for creative reasons and will recast the role. [TV Line]


... Disney XD (I still don't know what that is) has renewed its animated show Ultimate Spider-Man, probably because Disney knows the blockbuster movie of the same name is coming out any day now and more episodes will mean more opportunities for oblivious grandmas to buy Ultimate Spider-Man DVD sets thinking they're actually DVDs of the movie for their grandchildren. Stupid grandmas! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Congratulations, Game of Thrones! You have been stolen by nearly 4 million people each episode! TorrentFreak has announced that the HBO series was the most illegally downloaded show of the spring. That's a big chunk of its audience, too; the show averaged 10.4 million legal viewers. Supernatural also made the top 10 but probably wishes it hadn't. The CW drama was downloaded 1.5 million times per episode, just under its average audience of 1.8 million... Although I'm sure most of that is just fangirls downloading the episodes for screen captures to use in their Jensen Ackles shrines. [TorrentFreak]

... For some reason Lifetime is picking up a reality show from Lance Bass, the former N'Syncer. Celebrity Sellouts will follow celebrities as they sell junk from their houses. Since when is it okay to let Lance Bass make TV shows? [Deadline Hollywood]

... This Hatfields and McCoys craze is INTENSE! In the wake of the successful History miniseries and news of Charlize Theron's NBC drama project, some producers are hatching a plan for a reality competition series that will pit descendants of the feuding families against each other. [Associated Press]

... Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell finally has a premiere date. The show, which sees the chef yell at hotel owners until they bend to his will, will premiere August 13 on Fox. [Deadline Hollywood]

... More Last Man Standing news! The ABC comedy has a new showrunner: Tim Doyle. Sorry, Tim! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Dan Harmon is having a meeting with FX, presumably about something television-related. [Dan Harmon's Twitter]

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