News Briefs: Suburgatory Is Losing Alan Tudyk and Rex Lee to Budget Cuts

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... All is not well in Chatswin, as a recession has hit the ABC sitcom Suburgatory following its renewal for a third season. As part of the terms of the show's return, its licensing fee was reduced, resulting in a smaller budget. And the easiest way for a show to save money is to trim down some of its cast. In this case, that means Alan Tudyk (who plays dentist Noah) and Rex Lee (who plays gay guidance counselor Mr. Wolfe) are on the way out. The two could return as guest-stars, but they'll probably find their way to other shows. Fox's pickup of new comedy Enlisted means that Parker Young, who plays Ryan Shay on Suburgatory, also won't be back next season at least not as a regular. [Deadline Hollywood]


... FX has cast the wonderful and talented Judy Greer (Archer, Arrested Development) in its upcoming untitled comedy pilot from Andrew Gurland. She'll play a frigid wife that gives her husband (Ben & Kate's Nat Faxon) the go-ahead to take care of his hornies elsewhere in an effort to save their marriage. Greer's been looking for her breakout role for years and has starred in several pilots and many short-lived comedies, including Mad Love and Miss Guided. Let's hope this one takes! [THR]

... Revenge will be saying goodbye to Ashley Davenport next season. Actress Ashley Madekwe has not been asked back for Season 3 as her character's story has come to a natural conclusion and none of the writers wanted to awkwardly squeeze her in as Emily's new housekeeper or Nolan's secretary or whatever else they might make up. This is a good decision. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Actress Agnes Bruckner, who you will see in Lifetime's upcoming biopic of Anna Nicole Smith, has been cast in the A&E pilot Occult from producer Michael Bay. The series is another one of those "FBI agents taking on supernatural cases" shows, like The X-Files. Bruckner won't play one of the agents; she'll play a woman who gets caught up in some freaky stuff, man! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Fox is re-airing the first season of The Following in case you are just as behind as protagonist Ryan Hardy and wanted to catch up. It will air on Friday nights, starting tonight, at 9pm. [Fox via press release]

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