News Briefs: Super Bowl 47 Is Merely the Third-Most Watched Telecast of All Time


... The big match yesterday between the Ravens of Baltimore and the 49ers of San Francisco, known by the common folk as Super Bowl XLVII, now has a place in history. Just not where CBS had hoped it would be. 108.41 million people watched the Ravens hoist the Lombardi Trophy, making it the third-most watched broadcast in all of television history. Given the way Super Bowls have been regular record setters, it's a bit of a letdown for CBS, who no doubt had been rooting for the Patriots to beat the Ravens in the playoffs to set up a sexier match-up. A 34-minute power-outage delay in the third quarter with the Ravens holding a comfortable lead probably also led to a smaller audience than last year's record-setter (111.3 million viewers). Elementary landed the coveted post-Super Bowl spot, but because of the delay, it didn't start until after 11pm on the East Coast and netted 20.8 million viewers. That's a series high for freshman drama, but it's also way down from NBC's broadcast of The Voice last year after the big game, which suckered in 37.6 million viewers. In other news, I posted a season-high in calories, taking in the equivalent of a Blue Whale's week. [THR]


... Disney Channel has renewed Dog With a Blog for a second season. The show is a bone-a-fido hit among kids age 2-11 and writers named Tim. Seriously, did you see the episode when Stan the Talking and Blogging Dog crashed the car or the one where he played online video games and had Avery meet his online friend and pretend it was him but then she ended up liking the boy and Stan got upset and then later they teamed up to kill him online? Classic Stan. [Deadline Hollywood]

... GSN (the Game Show Network) has ordered 40 episodes of Minute To Win It, the competition where contestants do silly things with household items for cash. It used to air on NBC. [GSN via press release]

... Discovery is getting irie, brah. The network has announced two ganja-themed shows set to debut February 20: Pot Cops, which isn't about cops who get stoned and try to shoot criminals, and Weed Country, following the battle between pot growers and cops in Northern California. [Discovery via press release]

... Syndicated talk show The Ricki Lake Show has been canceled. Will someone break this news to Ricki? She's waiting in the studio talking to a vase. [Deadline Hollywood]


... CBS has ordered a trio of pilots to beef up its development schedule. Single-camera comedy Crazy Ones comes from David E. Kelley and stars Robin Williams as the father half of a father-daughter team in the world of advertising. Anatomy of Violence comes from the producers of Homeland and follows a criminal psychologist who teams up with a young female detective. And Intelligence is about a U.S. Central Command agent who has a microchip planted in his brain that allows him to see electromagnetism. [TV Guide]

... MTV has ordered a pilot presentation for Watching the Wilsons, a partly improvised comedy spoofing the world of reality television. It would focus on a Kardashian-like family, but be partly scripted like most of the other reality shows out there. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Showtime has passed on the potential Chew series, which is a total bummer. The show would have been based on the comic series about a detective who can get psychic information from eating food. It also would have been awesome. Sad. [MTV]


... Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor, who just booked a role on Law & Order: SVU, will star in Amazon's comedy pilot The Onion Presents: The News, a fictional behind-the-scenes look at the fictional news network. [Deadline Hollywood]

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