News Briefs: Syfy Is Importing Canada's Sci-Fi Drama Continuum


... Syfy is continuing its relationship with the fine Canadians of Canada and will import Continuum, a buzzy drama starring Rachel Nichols. The 10-episode first season just wrapped up earlier this month on Canada's Showcase, and a second season has already been ordered. Nichols stars as a cop from the future that is wormholed back to present-day Vancouver and chases down future terrorists who have also time-traveled. I've seen a handful of episodes and can confirm that this does not suck. [Deadline Hollywood]

... HBO's The Newsroom finished its season Sunday on a high note, drawing 2.3 million viewers for a series best. So suck on that, haters! True Blood's fifth-season finale also hit a season high with 5 million viewers. Haters of True Blood may also suck on that, or whatever else they have around the house. We also have reviews of both of them! (True Blood review, The Newsroom) [Deadline Hollywood]

... TBS' long-delayed comedy Wedding Band finally has a premiere date, and like most weddings, it will take place on a Saturday. That's good for weddings, and really bad for television shows. The hourlong comedy, starring Harold Perrineau ("Waaaaaalt!") and Brian Austin Green as aimless men that play music at weddings, will debut November 10. Its Saturday time slot isn't encouraging and likely means TBS is just letting this thing die. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC has purchased a comedy project from Chelsea Handler and Ingrid Haas (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) about a young woman who accidentally breaks up her parents' marriage, forcing her father to move into her apartment. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fox has purchased the drama Athena from writer Lisa Joy. Based on Joy's graphic novel Headache, the series would follow a young woman who discovers she's the Greek goddess Athena. Among her tasks as a new goddess: fighting monsters and other gods from Greek mythology that want to take over the planet. Sounds Buffy to me. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Abby Elliott, who recently left Saturday Night Live's cast, will guest star in multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother. She'll play a crazy chick whose craziness only makes her more attractive to the guys. [EW]

... A&E;'s upcoming Bates Motel has found its Mama Bates. Vera Farmiga has been cast as Norma Bates in the Psycho prequel that's co-created by Lost's Carlton Cuse. [Deadline Hollywood]

... You've been waiting patiently to find out who the final contestant, voted in by the fans, on the next cycle of Dancing With the Stars would be, and now we know! It is... Sabrina Bryan! I'll save you the trouble of looking her up: she's a Disney star from the original movies The Cheetah Girls! [USA Today]


... The waters ran red with blood, the locusts feasted on the harvest, and the Four Horsemen saddled up their ponies over the weekend, as Jersey Shore star Snooki gave birth to your new overlord, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle. BOW BEFORE LORENZO AND YOU WILL BE SPARED! [MTV]

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