News Briefs: The Arrested Development Movie Inches Forward

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... The Arrested Development movie is officially maybe going to happen. Mitch Hurwitz, the show's creator, is writing the script and has a distribution deal with Fox Searchlight. Once the script is ready, they just have to find a time to shoot it, which is going to be really hard because all the stars have other jobs now. [TV Squad]

... Kate Gosselin is accusing Father and Husband of the Millenium Jon Gosselin of clearing out their joint bank account of all but $1,000. She plans to take legal action, as an arbitrator previously ruled that stealing all the money from their account is not allowed. [TV Guide]

... Danny Comden has scored a script commitment from FOX for Intruders, a comedy about a wealthy Arizona man who marries a white-trash single mom. The main character is based on Comden's father-in-law, which is probably going to make Thanksgiving kind of awkward. [THR]

... Joe Halderman, the 48 Hours producer accused of blackmailing David Letterman for $2 million, pleaded not guilty to charges of extortion. Halderman was arrested after trying to cash the fake $2 million check Letterman's representatives gave him. We think his lawyers might have a case, as a jury will find it difficult to believe anyone would be dumb enough to just deposit $2 million in their checking account and hope no one noticed. [Variety]

... Alliteratively-named Monet Mazur will appear on NCIS: Los Angeles as a potential love interest for Chris O'Donnell's character. Mazur will play the "the potentially recurring role of Natalie Buccola, a bright and confident secret service agent who develops a flirtation with O’Donnell’s Callen." Their flirtation could beat up your flirtation. [Ausiello]

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