News Briefs: The Chuck producers are writing a new sitcom

... Chuck producers Josh Schwartz and Matt Miller are writing a new sitcom about a married couple. Between Chuck, Gossip Girl, Rockville, CA, the next X-Men movie, and the Bright Lights, Big City remake, Josh Schwartz now has all the jobs left in America. [THR]

... ABC's much-anticipated (by us) sci-fi series V is shutting down production temporarily, but it won't affect the airing of any episodes. No word on whether the hiatus is due to stringent alien labor laws or not. [The Wrap]

... The British version of Big Brother has been sacked. Does this mean Winston Smith is finally free? [NYT]

... All the cable news networks, (even Fox!), are being nice and respectful about the death of Ted Kennedy, which is how you are supposed to act when someone dies, but this is cable news we're talking about so it's surprising. [LAT]

... Speaking of Ted Kennedy, the senator and his wife spent his last days watching James Bond movies and episodes of 24 on DVD. [NYT]

... Starting next year, MTV is going to produce four original TV movies annually. A lot of them will be based on existing MTV shows. For instance, the first one is a horror movie called My Super Psycho Sweet 16. We're pretty sure it's a home run, as watching My Super Sweet 16 always left us with nothing but homicidal tendencies anyway. But we really hope a Sifl & Olly movie isn't far off. [Variety]

... Fox is developing a TV show based on 1989's Heathers, the cult classic flick in which Winona Ryder and Christian Slater kill all the popular kids in their school. [Variety]

... Leverage has been renewed for a third season. [Ausiello Files]

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