News Briefs: The CW Bumps Ringer, 90210 for an Awful-Sounding Reality Show


... The CW has high hopes for its new fashion reality show Remodeled, which, based on previews, is probably the worst thing I've ever seen in my entire life. To help the show get off to as good a start as it can before it's laughed off the airwaves in a spectacular fireball, The CW is airing its premiere episode thrice: once on Tuesday, January 17 after 90210, once the following day after One Tree Hill, and once on Friday, January 20 before Supernatural. 90210 will now return on January 17 (instead of January 10) and Ringer won't return until January 31, three weeks after it was supposed to return. I repeat, Remodeled is like Satan on television. [The CW, via press release]

... You love Castle! And you wished that ABC would order an extra episode of Castle this season! Congrats! Your wish came true. Next time wish for world peace, you selfish jerk. [Deadline Hollywood]


... The Nate Berkus Show has been canceled. I don't care, but you know who I bet does care? Nate Berkus. [Broadcasting & Cable]

... AMC has purchased off-network rights to CSI: Miami as it continues to be a powerhouse in cable television. That's right, AMC, home of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men, will now start airing Horatio repeats. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lifetime is moving forward with a remake of the classic incesty film The Blue Lagoon. My favorite part of the movie was when Top Secret spoofed it. [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC gave surprise sort-of hit Grimm a trial run on Thursday night last night, and it did... exactly the same. NBC wanted to see higher numbers than what Grimm pulls on Fridays. At least it did better than the time slot's previous tenant, Prime Suspect. So let's call it a wash. [EW]


... Supernatural's Jim Beaver (he plays Bobby) has booked an arc on Justified, and not just any quick stop. Beaver tweeted that he would be on the FX drama for as many as seven episodes! But what about his role on Supernatural? How can he do both? Justified films in LA and Supernatural films in Vancouver! Exactly. [Jim Beaver's Twitter]

... Alanis Morissette will guest-star on Up All Night as a former bandmate of Ava (Maya Rudolph). I'm not going to make any "isn't it ironic?" jokes here. I'll leave that to Morissette's fellow countryman, @Arch_Angel88. Let's hear it, AA! [TV Line]

... The Vampire Diaries has cast Klaus's brothers, and they're two handsome foreigners I've never heard of: Brit Caspar Zafer and Aussie Nathaniel Buzolic. Show them how we do things in America, TVD fans, by stalking them until they're afraid to leave their houses. [TV Guide]


... Occupy Wall Street protesters "stormed the set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" in New York, forcing the legal drama to shut down filming. The show was shooting an episode with a storyline ripped from the headlines about... the Occupy Wall Street Movement. "It's like raaaaaaaaaaaaaaain..." [NY Daily News]

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