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News Briefs: The CW Schedules Ballet- and Hotel-Themed Reality Series

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... If the summer TV season is when the major broadcast networks basically phone it in, and it's already a stretch to call The CW a major broadcast network, imagine what The CW's summer TV season looks like. (Answer: It's not good.) The network has announced the premiere dates of two of its summer shows. Breaking Pointe, a docudrama about competitive ballet in Utah (which sounds more like a Mad Lib than a show), will premiere Thursday, May 31 at 8pm. The Catalina, which follows the partying employees of a Miami hotel, will begin Tuesday, May 29 at 8pm. The CW has not yet announced the series' cancellations dates. [CW via press release]


... Game of Thrones is here to stay, friends. The HBO drama lost just a smidge of its Season 2 premiere audience in its second episode last night, dropping from a series best of 3.9 million viewers to 3.8 million viewers. In this day of post-premiere drop-offs, that's an impressive accomplishment. Expect Season 3 and Season 4 to be announced any second now. [TV By the Numbers]

... Showtime kicked off the new seasons of a trio of its returning series over the weekend, and either the network's free previews of all three episodes worked very well or the shows won't be around that much longer. Nurse Jackie's Season 4 opener was watched by 653,000 viewers, The Big C started Season 3 with 581,000 viewers, and the second season of The Borgias dropped a bunch of its viewership from last season, landing at 604,000 viewers. These stats are lower than normal for Showtime, but Sunday nights are a bloodbath on cable. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lifetime debuted its ridiculously gratuitous The Client List last night, and gawkers tuned in to see Jennifer Love Hewitt prance about in her underwear. 2.8 million viewers to be exact. That's like Drop Dead Diva numbers! Or Thursday night NBC numbers! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston has repeated what his co-star Anna Gunn prognosticated months ago: The final 16 episodes of Breaking Bad will be split into two short seasons. AMC still has yet to confirm that this is the case. [EW]


... TNT is nearing a renewal announcement for Southland, with the only thing left to determine being the number of episodes in the season. This show is supposed to be good and stuff. [TV By the Numbers]


... Super hot and super awesome Dana Delaney is returning to Desperate Housewives for the series finale. Delaney plays Katherine Mayfair on the series, and will appear in the May 13 send-off. [TV Line]

... TV Land continues to be the meeting place for actors who won't go quietly into the night. The network's Happily Divorced has booked guest appearances from Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Akroyd for separate episodes. O'Donnell will play a former high school friend of Fran and Judi's, and Akroyd will play a potential love interest for Fran when he should be working on a new Ghostbusters script. [EW]

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