News Briefs: The CW's L.A. Complex Has the Worst Drama Debut Ever


... Apparently people just don't care to see a Canadian show about a Los Angeles apartment complex on a network famous for vampires. The CW debuted The L.A. Complex, a drama that was made in Canada and already premiered in that country, last night and just about no one watched it. A mere 646,000 people watched it, according to Nielsen, which made it the worst debut for a drama series during the major television season EVER. To put it in perspective, that was even less than the debut of Remodeled and about half as many viewers as H8R's debut. [EW]


... Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran is leaving the CW drama to take over the ship at NBC's Smash as new showrunner. Safran takes over for Theresa Rebeck, who left after Season 1 to return to Broadway. Here's hoping Season 2 is just Ellis pooping on people's doorsteps. [EW]

... Oxygen has announced five new reality series. [Deadline Hollywood] What? You actually want me to say what they are? Fine. Girlfriend Confidential: LA and Girlfriend Confidential: NY follow women in those cities blah blah blah professional lives mix with personal lives. All the Right Moves follows a quartet of professional dancers blah blah blah professional lives mix with personal lives. My Shopping Addiction is about people addicted to shopping. I'm Having Their Baby centers on young pregnant women contemplating whether or not to give their kids up for adoption. Professional lives mix with personal lives blah blah blah. [Deadline Hollywood]

... ABC has given up on its pilot Counter Culture after a horse died filming it. Oh wait, I mean after Delta Burke hurt herself filming it. But really, what's the difference? The show was to follow a group of sisters who take over the family restaurant in Texas, and the coolest thing about the comedy was that Margo Martindale (Justified) was going to star in it. Maybe this would have been paired with Last Man Standing? Otherwise, I don't see why ABC would give this a shot in the first place. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Ryan Seacrest is sick! So sick that he might not host American Idol tonight. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe might step into Ryan's size 6 shoes and host. Typical Seacrest... signs a 2-year extension, gets wasted to celebrate, stays out all night and misses work! Who does he think he is, Lindsay Lohan? [TMZ]

... Lindsay Lohan got wasted, stayed out all night, and missed work. Allegedly. LiLo was reportedly late for work on Glee today, late enough for Glee cast member Dot Marie Jones to Tweet some outrage about the unprofessionalism. [TMZ]

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