News Briefs: The Emmys, Heroes, and House

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... Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Emmys last night instead of staying home and watching Mad Men. Our own Richard Lawson was there, and he live-blogged the proceedings. Big winners included Mad Men, 30 Rock, and Little Dorrit. Here's the full list.

... After 72 years, Guiding Light ended on Friday. Over the years, Kevin Bacon, James Earl Jones, Hayden Panettiere, and Calista Flockhart appeared on the soap watched by millions of people who all should have been doing something else in the middle of a weekday. [TV Watch]

... Emmy weekend means that a lot of TV stars are forced to mingle in public with reporters and answer questions about their shows. Luckily, that means we can show you roughly 48 million interviews with the cast and crew of House. [Watch With Kristin]

...Andrew Connolly has joined the cast of Heroes. He will play new villian Samuel's brother. [THR]

...Sacha Baron Cohen will voice an Israeli tour guide on an episode of The Simpsons set to air March 28, 2010. Apologies for the short notice. [Hollywood Insider]

...Peter Chernin, who used to be in charge of buying shows for FOX, has sold a show to FOX. Fallen is about "a group of vigilantes -- the so-called fallen angels -- who work to take down criminals and corrupt forces in New York." [Variety]

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