News Briefs: The Entourage Movie Is in Limbo Because Its Stars Are Greedy


... Or rather, he won't do the movie until Warner Bros. ponies up more cash. Entourage stars Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara still haven't signed on for the (moderately) anticipated movie based on the hit HBO series. Producer Mark Wahlberg was hoping to begin production in May for a spring 2014 release, but Grenier and the guy who played Turtle are holding out. Come on, guys, even Piven signed his contact two weeks ago! PIVEN. Stop being assholes and sign the damn thing. It's not like you've got anything better in the works. [Page Six]


... Bravo has ordered a new three-episode limited series called The People’s Couch, which gives viewers the super-rare opportunity to watch other regular people watch TV. All those teen girls on YouTube who've been posting their (over)reactions to The Vampire Diaries are going to be sooo pissed when they realize they could've been getting paid. The episodes will air October 6, 13, and 20 at 11:30pm on Bravo. [Bravo via press release]

... The CW is taking a chance on a new drama centering on a transgender teenager. Titled ZE—chosen for its non-gender-specific-ness—the project is about a FTM (female-to-male) Texas teen and his family as they try to deal with the his decision to live life as a guy. This isn't your typical CW show, where rock-hard abdominal regions and really pretty faces dominate, so it will be interesting to see whether it goes anywhere. While I commend the network for trying to branch out beyond its usual fare, I can't help but feel that ABC Family would be a better fit for something like this. [Deadline]

... I've never been more convinced of the existence of hell than I am at this exact moment, because Carson Daly has has joined The Today Show as the host of "The Orange Room," a digital studio add-on that's supposed to connect the audience to the morning show both live and online. But enough about that, back to my hell theory. Did he sell his soul at a crossroads back when he landed TRL? Has he just been reaping the rewards until the hellhounds come? And I thought there was a 10-year limit to that? [Variety]

... Nickelodeon announced today that it's renewed Chris Hardwick's animated series Sanjay and Craig for a 20-episode second season. The series follows Sanjay, an excitable and irreverent 12-year-old boy voiced by Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock), and his best friend Craig, a smooth-talking snake and master of disguise voiced by Hardwick. Now, I'm one of those people who actually likes Hardwick, but holy crap, he is everywhere right now. He's like the funnier, nerdier version of Ryan Seacrest or Carson Daly, and in case I wasn't clear before, that's a bad thing. [Nickelodeon via press release]

... During the So You Think You Can Dance finale on Tuesday, Nigel Lythgoe announced that Fox has renewed the show for an eleventh season. I didn't write about it until now because I know I can't dance and I was too ashamed. [EW]

... GSN has ordered eight episodes of Skin Wars, an hour-long competition show looking for the most talented body painters in the country. Heads up, GSN people, there are always a ton of body painters at ComFest every June in Columbus, Ohio. I'm pretty sure they're more interested in partying naked outside than they are in the art of painting bodies, but hey, it's worth a shot! [GSN via press release]


... I know you're all still really upset about the cancellation of Happy Endings, but look on the bright side: Eliza Coupe is now free to join House of Lies! Yeah, sorry, that's totally not making things better, is it? Anyway, Coupe will play a wild-child named Marissa who's the head of an internet company and the heir to a wealthy media family. She joins the previously announced Mekhi Phifer. [Showtime via press release]

... Emily Swallow (Monday Mornings, Southland) has joined The Mentalist as a potential series regular. She'll play Kim Fischer, a woman who has a profound impact on Jane's life. Right now she's only signed on for three episodes, but with Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman departing midway through Season 6, the potential for a full-time gig is possible. [TV Line]


Ray Dolby, the founder of Dolby Laboratories, died Thursday in San Francisco at the age of 80. His name sounds familiar to you because you've been seeing the Dolby Digital logo for your entire life. Dolby Laboratories pioneered the noise-reducing and surround sound technology that is used throughout the entertainment industry. Dolby suffered from Alzheimer's and had been diagnosed with leukemia in July. [Variety]