News Briefs: The Killing Might Be Reanimated by Netflix or DirecTV


... AMC's trash is another network's trash. Wait, is that how the saying goes? The Killing, canceled by AMC last month, may have a second shot at life thanks to show-savers DirecTV and Netflix. Both are rumored to be interested in picking up the murder mystery for a third season. However, their names come up any time a show is canceled so let's all keep our pants on until something is official. [TV Line]

... VH1 has renewed Single Ladies for a third season. This wouldn't happen if the show could just meet a nice, honest guy. [VH1 via press release]

... Spike TV has renewed Bar Rescue for a third season of 20 episodes. If you haven't seen the show, it's about a guy who goes into bars and yells at the owners until they change their entire business model. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Syfy is developing a remake of the late-'70s U.K. sci-fi show Blake's 7. The original followed space criminals who broke out of space prison and flew around the galaxy in space ships space-fighting space aliens and space humans to become space heroes. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CBS is breaking its own mold and developing a single-camera comedy from The Big C creator Darlene Hunt. The untitled project follows a 30-something woman who rejects her boyfriend's marriage proposal because she's scared of leaving the single life. Oh so when a woman does it, it's comedy but when a man does it it's because he's scared of commitment and a whore?!?!? Fight fight for men's rights! [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC has ordered a pilot for The High Life, a single-camera comedy about a female recovering alcoholic who struggles to stay dry from all the stress of motherhood and work. It's being written by Paul Reiser's cousins. Do what you will with that information. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Writer Kay Cannon (30 Rock) has a pilot commitment from Fox for a single-camera comedy. The series would be a workplace comedy set in the offices of a national NFL pregame show and feature a central female lead. In other words, IT'S 30 ROCK WITH MORE FOOTBALL. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Chloe Sevigny, who I just saw tuck her penis in on Hit & Miss, has joined the cast of IFC's Portlandia. She'll play Fred and Carrie's roommate. [EW]

... Canadian superstar singer Justine Bieber will lend her voice to The Simpsons in an upcoming episode playing herself. [EW]

... Terrence Howard will guest star on CBS' Hawaii Five-0 as part of flashbacks that detail Danny's life as a Jersey cop. Look for the Iron Man star in an October episode. [EW]


... NCIS: LA's LL Cool J beat the cheese out of some guy who tried to break into his house this morning. Mr. J broke the burglar's nose and jaw while defending his house. Meanwhile, I hear that Chris O'Donnell hides under the covers when the wind blows hard. [TMZ]

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