News Briefs: The next episode of Mad Man is already on iTunes

... Oliver Stone is developing a 10-hour-long documentary for Showtime called The Secret History of America. It will cover parts of America's history that Stone "believes have been underreported and are deserving of broader public attention." We're pretty sure Oliver Stone uses a banana to make phone calls because he's convinced his phone is tapped, so this is going to be extraordinary.

... Survivor's Richard Hatch was arrested yesterday after appearing on The Today Show. The interview took place at his sister's home in Rhode Island, where Hatch was under house arrest serving the remainder of a sentence for tax evasion. It's not clear why he was arrested again, but we're thinking it's because Rhode Island law enforcement is fans of GMA. [NYDN]

... Gina Torres (Firefly) is going to be Vanessa's mom on Gossip Girl, despite being way too talented for that show. [TV Guide]

... All the living members of Monty Python will reunite in New York this fall for a screening of their documentary, Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut), and a Q & A session. Such burning questions such as "is there actually any cheese in here?" and "was that parrot really just resting?" will probably not be answered. The documentary will also air on IFC on October 18. [NYT]

... Kim Kardashian will appear on Brothers, a new Fox sitcom debuting this fall, in a storyline ripped from her real-world life. Kardashian -- who recently broke up with NFL running back Reggie Bush -- will play herself, appearing opposite a real-life former NFL player who plays a former football player on the show. [E!]

... Season 3, episode 2 of Mad Men airs Sunday night. Unless you downloaded it yesterday from iTunes. UPDATE: The unaired ep has been taken down, but you can see a preview of it below. [Mashable via TV Tattle]

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Aug 21, 2009
I am looking forward to seeing Oliver Stone's project.
Aug 19, 2009
Just marked October 18th on my calendar. I LOVE Monty Python. It was pure brilliance.

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