News Briefs: The Office's Rainn Wilson Is Getting Dramatic


... The Office's Rainn Wilson isn't wasting time looking for a new job. The same day the NBC show wrapped production, news broke that Wilson had booked a pilot. But he isn't going back to comedy. He'll star in the CBS drama pilot Backstrom, a remake of the Swedish series about a grumpy detective. The project is being shepherded by Bones creator Hart Hanson. [TV Guide]

... Joan of Arcadia's Amber Tamblyn has hopped on board the CBS drama pilot Anatomy of Violence. The show follows a not-by-the-book FBI criminal psychologist (Skeet Ulrich) who partners up with a young FBI agent presumably to do FBI types of things. Tamblyn was last seen on TV in a season-long arc on House and last seen on the internet in her awesome A-list wedding photos when she married David Cross. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Ben and Kate's Ben (Nat Faxon) wasn't unemployed for too long. Though his Fox comedy was canceled earlier this year, Faxon already has a job on ABC's comedy pilot Spy. The potential series stars Rob Corddry as Tim, a father who accidentally joins the Secret Service to impress his son. Faxon will play the husband of Tim's ex-wife (Paget Brewster) who's also the principal at the school Tim's son attends. If the show goes to series, Faxon's role would be recurring. [Deadline Hollywood]

... British comic legend Stephen Fry has joined the CBS comedy pilot Super Clyde, starring Harry Potter's Rupert Grint as a fast-food worker turned superhero. Fry, best known for his work with Hugh Laurie, will play Clyde's sidekick. Okay, so this pilot suddenly became awesome. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The other day I got all excited about Tom Berenger joining the Fox pilot Gang Related. Well now he's not going to be on the show anymore after the pilot's first table read. Thanks a lot, Tom Berenger! [Deadline Hollywood]


... Syfy has renewed Face Off for a fifth season, because Face Off is awesome and should never be canceled. But at this rate, there will be as many seasons of Face Off as there are amateur special-effects make-up artists. Look for Season 5 this summer as Syfy churns it out. [Syfy via press release] 

... History Channel has responded to the criticism that the actor (Mohamen Mehdi Ouazzani) playing Satan in its miniseries The Bible looks an awful lot like President Barack Obama. "You all are stupid," the channel said (I paraphrased). So it's also a coincidence that the actor who plays Jesus looks an awful lot like Sarah Palin? Whatever, History Channel. This conspiracy theory sounds like a job for ZERO HOUR! [History Channel via press release]

... In more important news: There will be no Bachelor Pad this summer, much to the dismay of the makers of Valtrex. [TV Guide]

... HBO's Girls wrapped up its second season on Sunday, and it did so on a down note. Though the show's cultural buzz is high with the fanciest of fancy tight pants and the most Brooklyn-y Brooklynites yammering about it non stop, the Season 2 finale dropped to 632,000 viewers, a 37 percent decline from the Season 1 finale. A series like this—critically lauded, internet popular—typically grows in its second season as latecomers glom on, so this sharp a drop can only mean one thing: We're all getting sick of nude ping pong, semen, and Hannah wearing mesh shirts. [TV Line]

... MTV has announced the return date for its high-school comedrama Awkward.: Tuesday, April 16 at 10pm with back-to-back episodes. This season, Jenna is with Matty and Tamara is with Jake and I'm sorry this is all wrong! Tamara and Jake!? Me no likey. I should be with Jake! Anyway, here's a trailer. [TV Guide]

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