News Briefs: The Supernatural Fantasy Crossover Hour

...First it was Lauren Graham going to Parenthood, and now another Gilmore girl is going back to work. Actually, it's the chief Girl, show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. She's just signed a deal with HBO (ooo, swears!) to create a show about three writer sisters who all live in the same Upper East Side apartment building and try to curry the favor of their famous writer mother, who tends to prefer their messy brother (ooo, cute boy casting alert!). So that's exciting, right? Sounds a heck of a lot better than that Jezebel James unpleasantness, at least. [THR]

...News flash: Young people watch The Cleveland Show (because it's nonsensical and full of poop jokes) and lots of old people watch The Good Wife (because it doesn't have poop jokes [that I'm aware of] and, you know, is on CBS). In fact, Cleveland has the youngest viewers in all of broadcast, with a mean of 28, and Wife has the oldest, with an average of 57. I smell a demo-busting crossover! [THR]

...Fox has given a pilot order to a writer from Burn Notice, your favorite show about a spy who isn't, in fact, Guy Pearce. Ben Watkins will write a test script for a show about an adopted, biracial lady detective who struggles to solve the case... and her life. And as we all know, shows about strong, biracial women generally do really well on networks like Fox. (Actually, they sorta do!) [Variety]

...ABC has named Jake Pavelka (nee Landrum) their newest Bachelor for the Bachelor show. Pavelka, a former actor turned jet pilot (America!), recently lost on a season of The Bachelorette. So ladies, here he is. A complete loser. With blonde hair. And a square jaw. And huge muscles. A complete... los... Oh forget it. [EW]

...Oh, look. An episode of fantasy nerd show Supernatural is totally ripping off playing homage to that movie Stay Tuned. Yes, the Wincest brothers will be jumping around in various familiar-looking TV shows in some sorta crazy magic plot or something. Basically they do a Grey's Anatomy thing, a CSI thing, and a sitcom thing. People hoping for a Noah's Ark thing are just gonna have to fanfic it, as usual. [EW]

...You know how the fiery Latina character on Modern Family is always talking about her passionate lover of an ex-husband? Well the writers have seen fit to script an episode where the dude actually shows up, and he'll be played by fiery Latino Benjamin Bratt. Ohh and Shelley Long is going to guest as Ed O'Neill's wife! [THR]

...Ruh roh. Someone *big* is gonna die on Heroes this season. My hope is that it's all the heroes. Just all of 'em. Salt the earth when they're gone. Let nothing grow in their place. [E!]

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