News Briefs: The Walking Dead Will Re-Air Its Pilot in Black and White


... How cool is this? AMC is putting on a big The Walking Dead "Season 3 preview weekend" on Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8, and will air the series' pilot in black and white, a clear homage to the granddaddy of all zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead (it also pays respect to the Walking Dead comic). It may be gimmicky, but COME ON! Respect for your inspirations! Love the idea, and what a perfect way to watch the pilot again. AMC will also marathon Seasons 1 and 2 over the course of the weekend, debut a scene from Season 3, and air a special episode of Talking Dead. [AMC via press release]


... Remember when History's Hatfields & McCoys broke a ratings record for ad-supported cable shows that weren't sports shows and we were all like, "Well that was total B.S."? Well, the miniseries wrapped up its three-episode run on Wednesday and the third installment set a NEW record: 14.3 million people watched the conclusion, breaking the record set just two days ago for most total viewers for a non-sports ad-supported cable broadcast. In comparison, people lost their poo-poo when The Walking Dead drew just over 9 million viewers for its Season 2 finale. [History via press release]

... Lionsgate is talking about taking three of its movies and turning them into television series. The Expendables, Red, and Step Up are all being eyed for serialization on the small screen. Of course, none of these will work (who wants to see The Expendables without marquee names?), but hey, give it a shot Lionsgate! [Deadline Hollywood]

... "Whitney has a new showrunner, so all of its problems will soon be solved," said Mr. Sarcastic. Friends producer Wil Calhoun will takeover the comedy, which barely survived to see SEason 2 and has been ousted to Friday nights on NBC. Yes, I know Community is also on Fridays now, but it's not the same. [EW]

... The Academy of Television and Whatever has decided that, just like us, it thinks the awards for miniseries and made-for-TV movies are boring. The next Emmys ceremony will condense its acting awards for the minis and movies by getting rid of the supporting category and combining them with the lead acting category. This should provide the valuable extra minutes Billy Crystal needs to sing about the foreign movies category. [EW]

... Oh hey girl! Honey Boo Boo Child be getting her own show! Toddlers and Tiaras "star" Alana, a.k.a. "Honey Boo Boo" a.k.a. "Future White-Trash Stripper" a.k.a. "Future Co-Star on Whitney" is getting a spin-off. Good God, kill me already. [TLC via press release]


... Kate Walsh is probably leaving Private Practice next season. The actress portrays Addison Montgomery, the centerpiece of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off. But given that next season will likely be the show's last, she won't be alone. Earlier this week, Tim Daly was let go from the series. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jerry Seinfeld will guest-star in the third season of Louis C.K.'s FX comedy Louie, in a move that makes total sense. Seinfeld and Louis C.K. go way back, and have teamed up in the past to talk comedy on HBO's Talking Funny. []

... Emma Stone. Sorry, lost my train of thought. Emma Stone will guest-star on Nickelodeon's iCarly as a superfan of the show-within-a-show. Stone is on her way to superstardom and she takes time out to do a Nick show? Awesome. And crazy. [EW]

... True Blood will welcome Veronica Mars' Tina Majorino in a recurring role. She'll play a member of the Vampire Authority starting in the upcoming fifth season's third episode. [TV Line]

... Very cool guy J.R. Martinez will guest-star on Lifetime's Army Wives as a therapist who works with war veterans. Martinez, a former wounded vet himself in real life, used to star on All My Children and won the 13th edition of Dancing With the Stars. It's great when success comes to people who deserve it. [EW]

... Lifetime is looking into salvaging Marc Cherry's rejected pilot Devious Maids. The show from the Desperate Housewives creator follows four Latina maids who work in Beverly Hills but have big aspirations. [EW]

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