News Briefs: TNT Renews Perception for Season 2


... Here's a recipe for TV success: Make a procedural with a lead character who's full of quirks. TNT has renewed Perception for a second season. The series stars Eric McCormack as an FBI contractor who solves crimes while dealing with paranoid schizophrenia and eccentric behavior. The show has been a hit in its first season, with an audience of seven million once DVRs are factored in. Note to self: Get working on that script idea about a narcoleptic ambulance driver. I'll call it Asleep at the Wheel. [TNT via press release]

... AMC has renewed its reality show The Pitch, about the world of advertising, for a second season. The network has also picked up two more reality shows, an untitled series about taxidermists and Venice Beach Freakshow, which follows a guy as he works toward his dream of running a freak show in Los Angeles. Remember when we all looked at AMC like it was a god? And then it started hassling the showrunners of its hit shows and cut down on their episode counts and wouldn't pay them? Sheesh. [AMC via press release]

... NBC is developing a new comedy from Jerry Bruckheimer's production company called The B-Side. It's about a thirty-something woman who gets a divorce and reunites with her high-school friends. [Deadline Hollywood]

... A&E; has canceled Gene Simmons Family Jewels after seven seasons, because that's three seasons past its expiration date and A&E; hadn't cleaned out its fridge in a looooong time. [THR]


... Game of Thrones has cast Mance Rayder! Actor Ciaran Hinds, recently seen in Political Animals as the former president and previously seen in Rome as Julius Caesar, will play the Wildling king in Season 3. Spoiler alert! We meet Mance Rayder in Season 3! [EW]

... Emmy hog and all-around amazing guy Tony Shalhoub (Monk) has signed up for the CBS pilot Ex-Men, about a bunch of older divorced men who hang out in a short-term housing project. Kal Penn will also star in the pilot. [TV Line]

... That The Office spin-off starring Dwight Schrute on his beet farm that's a really bad idea is getting closer to actually happening. Majandra Delfino (Roswell) has been cast as Fannie Schrute, Dwight's younger sister. [EW]

... Community has hired acting legend and almost porn star Malcolm McDowell to play a history professor in Season 4. Wait, I thought Matt Lucas was hired to play the history professor! Professor fight? Also, The Hollywood Reporter refers to Malcolm McDowell as "the Franklin & Bash actor," which is a crime. Screw you, Hollywood Reporter. Get over your Mark-Paul Gosselaar crush. [THR]

... Whoopi Goldberg is returning to Glee! You know what we say about that? Whoopi! Sorry, sorry. [E! Online]

... Wilfred's Chris Klein has joined the cast of Raising Hope as Jimmy's "almost" long-lost brother. Whatever that means. Remember Klein in Election? He was so good in that, but little did we know he wasn't acting. [THR]

... Tina Majorino, one of those names I always recognize but can never ever put a face to, has joined Grey's Anatomy for a secret role. I'm guessing doctor or patient. I know, I'm pretty amazing. [TV Guide]


... Real World vet Joey Kovar was found dead today. A drug overdose is suspected, though a toxicology hasn't been finalized, meaning Joey made some baaaad choices in his life. [TMZ]

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