News Briefs: Touch's Debut Gets a Big Boost from American Idol


... Tim Kring (Heroes) debuted his new show Touch last night (read an AMAZING review here, it was written by a legend) in a special preview event, and airing after American Idol helped. Approximately 11.9 million viewers tuned in for a 3.9 adult-demo rating, a dang good start for a show and the second-best drama premiere this season. Those ratings (and generally positive buzz) don't mean good things for Terra Nova, which is giving up its time slot during this half of the season to Touch and Alcatraz (the latter is also off to a decent start). By airing Touch early, Fox can more easily tell how the show will do and therefore make its decision on what combination of Terra Nova, Touch, and Alcatraz it should keep. Things are looking worse and worse for the dino drama's chances. [EW]


... CBS has ordered a pilot for Super Fun Day starring Bridesmaids actress Rebel Wilson. It'll be about three geeky ladies who try to have really fun Fridays. You know how I like to have fun? Paper-doll stop-motion parties! BYOPD! [TV Guide]

... Fox has ordered a pilot for Prodigy Bully from actor/writer Mike O'Malley, to be executive-produced by John Wells. It's based on a short film and follows a young kid genius who's bigger than his peers. Sounds just like my elementary school days except the exact opposite. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Lifetime is spinning off its reality show Dance Moms. Ice Moms features more mom-sters who force their kids to fulfill the dreams they could never accomplish because they got knocked up at an early age and had these poor children. It's a vicious cycle. And the show's about figure skating. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Bebe Neuwirth, who played the icy wife and ex-wife of Frasier Crane on Cheers and Frasier, is dropping by CBS's The Good Wife. She'll play a judge in multiple episodes. [EW]

... Kim Kardashian will NOT leave me alone. Ugh. She's landed a recurring role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva as Nikki, a love interest for Fred (Ben Feldman). Don't do it Ben! She's only trying to marry you because she's a fame-whore!!! [Deadline Hollywood]

... FX has added to the cast of Anger Management, the upcoming adaptation of the film of the same name. Shawnee Smith (Becker) will play the ex-wife of Charlie, an ex-ballplayer with temper issues played by Charlie Sheen. In other news, Shawnee Smith just vaulted into the top ten in my Celebrity Dead Pool. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Apparently fans of Alcatraz have gone on tours of the real-life island prison and attempted to enter closed-off areas in search of the high-tech super-secret room that's featured on the show. Shouldn't you guys be scouring Boston for tears between universes or combing Louisiana for vampires? [TMZ]

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