News Briefs: Two and a Half Men Is Adding One Whole Woman


... CBS's Two and a Half Men will add one woman to its formula next season as it scurries to replace Angus T. Jones' departing "half man." And this is what the writers came up with: Charlie Harper's long-lost just-of-age daughter. The character, said to be in her late teens or early 20s, will join the series as a regular when she shows up at Walden and Alan's house looking for her dad. And through comedic circumstances, she'll end up moving in with them. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Big Brother: After Dark is getting kicked out of Showtime but has found a new home on TVGN (TV Guide Network). BB:AD airs concurrently with Big Brother and features live feeds of the reality show's house late at night. The TVGN version will air two hours per night seven days a week for 13 weeks straight. Sometimes if you get lucky you might see a bare butt! However, will that sauciness go away now that the show is moving to TVGN? Both Big Brother and Big Brother: After Dark will debut on June 26. [TVGN via press release]

... We're already talking about Game of Thrones Season 4? Okay by me! Three new characters have been confirmed for Season 4, which tells the second half George R.R. Martin's novel A Storm of Swords. Martin told convention-goers at ConQuest that we'll be seeing the Magnar of Thenn, Mace Tyrell, and Oberyn Martell next year, and that Bran will look like he's fifty by then. Okay maybe not that last part. The characters shouldn't be a big surprise to those who've read the book, but then again, they shouldn't be that exciting either, except for maybe Oberyn because he [spoiler]s [spoiler] in an awesome [spoiler]. [io9]

... When he's not governing states, smoking the dope, terminating, or having extra-marital affairs, Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently likes to produce television shows. The bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician has sold a drama project called Pump to Showtime, detailing the rise of the fitness industry in the '70s and its origin at a gym called Pump. If it gets ordered to series, Schwarzenegger intends to star in it on a recurring basis. [THR]

... Comedy Central has officially canceled Ugly Americans, instead of unofficially canceling it by not airing any episodes since last April and not ordering any new seasons. [The Comic's Comic]

... Esquire Network, the new manscaped and cologne-wearing version of G4, will debut September 23. Hooray. The network also used its launch announcement to fill us in on two new series in development: Brew Dogs, following two beer afficianados as they tour American towns for some suds, and Horse Players, a docu-drama following horse-racing handicappers. As opposed to horse-handicappers, which would be a totally different and cruel thing. [Esquire via press release]

... Next month, Fox will air four episodes of FX's Anger Management because no one is watching Anger Mangement on FX and millions of dollars were spent ordering 100 episodes of this terrible show and it all stands to be a gigantic financial disaster if people don't start watching it. So please watch Anger Management, for Charlie Sheen's sake. [THR]


... Community's Yvette Nicole Brown (she plays Shirley) will reprise her role as Robyn in TV Land's The Soul Man. I won't pretend to know what this show is actually about if you don't pretend to be interested in it, deal? [THR]

... Showtime's Homeland already likes what it sees from new character Senator Andrew Lockhart. So much so that it's upped actor Tracy Letts, who portrays Lockhart in the upcoming third season, to series regular. Congratulations, dude I don't know whose work I haven't seen yet! [Deadline Hollywood]

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