News Briefs: VH1 Is Reviving Best Week Ever, Once Upon a Time Casts Captain Hook


... VH1 is resurrecting Best Week Ever! The series, which went off the air in 2009, will air on Friday nights beginning in January 2013, as part of a new comedy block aimed at an audience the network has labeled as "adultster"—"adults who are balancing new responsibilities with their desires to stay current with what's happening in music and pop culture." Whatever, if it means Best Week Ever is coming back, we'll take it! The show will be paired with a new "pop culture nostalgia series" called Miss You Much, a "Where are they now?"-type deal that will check in on the current lives of TV, movie, and pop stars of the last 20 years. [VH1 via press release]

... SyFy's on a bit of a tear with scripted programming announcements, which at the very least is better than being on a tear with reality show announcements. In addition to a new M. Night Shyamalan drama, the network has ordered a 90-minute pilot called High Moon, from Jim Danger Gray (Pushing Daisies) and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, NBC's forthcoming Hannibal.) The project is based on the 1969 John Christopher novel The Lotus Caves, which I totally remember reading in school. It's (more or less) about two kids who live in a boring bubble colony on the moon, and one day—to borrow from Terra Nova parlance—they go OTG in a stolen lunar rover and crash through the moon's surface, landing in network of caves that turn out to be part of big, sentient alien plant. Eventually, they have to choose between staying with the plant, which takes care of them but has a weird control over them, or escaping to return to their colony. It sounds like SyFy's adaptation will take that premise one step further—here's the network's official description: "High Moon creates a future where the countries of Earth have established colonies to mine the moon's resources. When a new life form is discovered, chaos erupts as various factions race to uncover and exploit its powerful secrets." [SyFy via press release]

... Nickelodeon officially announced lots of new series and pilots today. Ready? Here we go: You Gotta See This is a half-hour clip show, premiering this fall. Wendell and Vinnie I mentioned yesterday; it's already in production and iCarly's Jerry Trainor plays a goofy uncle who takes care of his "buttoned-up" nephew. Sam & Cat is an iCarly + Victorious spin-off pilot in which the former's Sam Puckett and the latter's Cat Valentine become besties and start a babysitting business. Gibby is another iCarly spin-off pilot, following Gibby Gibson as he becomes a mentor to kids at a rec center. The Haunted Hathaways, still in the pilot stage, sees two siblings move into a house in New Orleans that's already inhabited by a family of ghosts. The Thundermans, also still in the pilot stage, centers on Phoebe, a 13-year-old girl with 12 different superpowers who just wants to be normal. Instant Mom is a Nick at Nite pilot, about a 25-year-old party girl who marries and older man with kids. Sanjay & Craig is an animated series with a 20-episode order about two best friends who want to be the coolest kids on the block. Monsters vs. Aliens is an animated series based on the movie; it has a 26-episode order. And finally, Bad Seeds is a pilot that so far is only described as being about "a good bird running with the bad crowd... and having a great time!" [Nickelodeon via press release]

... SNL head writer Seth Meyers is developing a sitcom for NBC. He's working on the project with his younger brother, Josh Meyers, and it's a multi-camera comedy about brothers. Creative! [Vulture]

... TLC has announced two new reality series. The first, High School Moms, premieres August 12 and is exactly what it sounds like. The The second, Breaking Amish, follows five Amish/Mennonite twenty- and thirty-somethings who've decided to explore the world outside of their communities by moving to New York City. The show will premiere September 9 and run for nine hour-long episodes. It sounds like an older version of Devil's Playground to me, but if one of subjects might eventually become a meth kingpin, the network might be on to something. [TLC via press release]

... Be Good Johnny Weir will return for a 10-episode second season on Logo, beginning Monday, September 17. This time around, the docu-series will "go beyond the ice rink and dive deeper into Johnny's work and personal life" as he releases a single, publishes a book, and works on a fashion line and tries to launch an ice show. Maybe just stick to skating, Mr. Blades of Glory. [Logo via press release]

... Nick at Nite's "first-ever original live-action comedy," See Dad Run starring Scott Baio, has a premiere date: October 6. The series centers on an actor (Baio) who, "after ten years of starring as America's favorite TV dad, becomes a stay-at-home father to honor the deal he made with his soap star wife so that she may return to the limelight." [Nick at Nite via press release]

... Speaking of premiere dates, MTV announced a few of them today: Jersey Shore Season 6 will begin October 4, new dramedy Underemployed will debut October 16, and new docu-series Catfish: The TV Show will start November 12. In related news, Jersey Shore spin-off Snooki & JWOWW has been renewed for Season 2. There's no word yet on an exact date for the ultimate destruction of American society, but I can only assume it's coming soon. [Deadline]


... The big Once Upon a Time news at Comic-Con this year was that a certain hook-handed individual will be a major force in Season 2. Well, now we know who will be playing him! The role of Captain Hook has gone to Irish actor Colin O'Donoghue. So far, that's all we know. [Deadline]

... Fox's serial-killer drama The Following, which stars Kevin Bacon and is slated for midseason, has added Annie Parisse (Law & Order, Rubicon) as a series regular. She'll play FBI Specialist Debra Parker, the lady in charge of the investigation into a newly escaped serial killer played by James Purefoy and his cult of followers. [Fox via press release]

... One of The Office's original employees has been rehired, if only for one episode: David Denman, who plays Pam's ex-fiance Roy, will guest-star in the second episode of the long-running comedy's upcoming ninth season. [TVLine]

... Fox followed up yesterday's blip that 24 vet Lukas Haas is joining the cast of Touch with an official press release full of details on the show's second season. As suspected, the action will take place in Los Angeles, in line with the events of the Season 1 finale, plus two new names have been added to the cast list: Signing on for the drama are newcomer Saxon Sharbino and Haas's (and series star Kiefer Sutherland's) fellow 24 alum Greg Ellis. Sharbino has booked the series-regular role of Lucy's daughter, the turns-out-she's-not-dead-just-missing Amelia; Ellis will play the recurring role of Trevor Wilcox, a journalist and old friend of Martin's. [Fox via press release]

... Natasha Lyonne (American Pie) has landed a role in Weeds' series finale. Her character's name is Tiffani; beyond that, details are scarce. [THR]

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