News Briefs: Wizards of Waverly Place, The Hills, and Jon & Kate minus Jon

... Call him Ishmael. German financiers TeleMunchen Group are making a $25.5 million production of the novel Moby Dick, starring William Hurt as Ahab and Ethan Hawke as Starbuck. Just added to the cast are Charlie Cox as Ishmael, Donald Sutherland as Father Mapple, and Gillian Anderson as Elizabeth. High school kids are going to be thrilled that there will finally be a miniseries so they don't have to read the book anymore. [Variety]

... Jon and Kate Plus Eight is being rechristened Kate Plus Eight and Jon Gosselin is leaving/being ousted from his "role" (though he will reappear on the show from time to time). A Jon-free relaunch is set for Nov. 2. [Variety]

... AMC's remake of 1967's British miniseries The Prisoner will premiere Nov. 15. More importantly, you can watch the original, which is amazing, right now on AMC's website. [THR]

... Barry Sonnenfeld, executive producer of Pushing Daisies and many other things, is developing a new sitcom. It's about a single mother who finds a suit that gives her super powers. [TV Squad]

... The stars of The Hills get paid an obscene amount of money to drink, fight, and struggle with the meaningful questions of life -- like whether or not to get hair extensions. [The Daily Beast]

... Very large American Omar Miller has landed a series regular gig on CSI: Miami. He will play an art theft specialist who can beat everyone up. [THR]

... Stephen King's novella The Colorado Kid is being adapted by independent production company E1. King has an inconsistent history with TV adaptations. Let's hope this one's more like The Stand and less like The Shining. [Variety]

... The Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place has received an order for eight additional episodes. [Variety]

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Sep 30, 2009
Looking forward to Barry Sonnenfeld's new show, the concept already sounds fun. Knowing his past work, it should be much much better than The Tuxedo movie, which has a similar concept.
Sep 29, 2009
Stephen King's novella could be good... i hope


Sep 29, 2009
I hope Stephen King's novella The Colorado Kid will be among the better ones.

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