Next strike victim: TCA press tour?


It's a bad year to be television critic who also happens to be a fan of open bars. Word on the street is that The Television Critics Association (TCA) may be canceling the Winter TCA press tour--which is scheduled to begin January 8--due to complications from the Writers Guild of America strike, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Several big names in the television industry are contemplating not participating in the event, which serves as a sneak peek at the upcoming television year and is a major source for the media to gather up its season previews. Shortly after the strike began, NBC announced that it would not be involved in the press tour, and late last week TCA president Dave Walker said PBS had pulled out as well. MTV's suite of cable networks also appear to be on the fence, along with other companies that remained unnamed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A final decision of whether or not the TCA press tour will be held this year is expected by December 13. If the strike is still ongoing, expect any magazines featuring previews on the next season of television to be a little lighter.

The TCA Press Tour, held twice each year in Los Angeles in January and July, gives members of the press a chance to meet with the cast and producers of shows in roundtable discussions. It is also known for its network-sponsored parties, where critics and industry bigwigs can casually rub elbows with each other over a martini or five.

The two-week affair is loaded with industry news but can be extremely exhausting; San Francisco Chronicle television critic Tim Goodman affectionately refers to the event as the "Death March with Cocktails."

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