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Nick Nolte is in Luck

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... We've been following the casting news for HBO's Luck, from Deadwood creator David Milch and Michael Mann, and with each bit of news our collective jaw drops a little more. Following the spot-on casting of Dennis Farina and Dustin Hoffman, the horse-racing/gambling drama pilot has added Nick Nolte. NICK FRICKIN' NOLTE! I'm so excited for this showI just peed a little. Too bad it probably won't air until 2011. [THR]

... Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy, who I last saw wearing weird makeup as he slowly turned into a bug in Heroes' stupidest storyline, has picked up another project after being replaced on Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. Sendhil will move to USA's new series Covert Affairs, where he'll play a CIA agent. But what about Heroes? Expect Sendhil to be mercifully released from that show. Hayden Panettiere is jealous. [Fancast]

... ABC's Brothers & Sisters has been renewed for a fifth season, so expect more drama about brothers and their sisters and soapy situations. And of course more MILF-y action from Sally Field. [Zap2It]

... Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen is channeling her inner Charles Barkley and says she is NOT a role model. "I smoke, so what? Why do people give a s*** what a 16-year-old girl who they’ve never met does? It’s not like I’m sitting there going, ‘Kids, you should go buy a pack of cigarettes.’ When I walk outside with a cigarette and someone takes a picture of it and puts it on the Internet, its not my problem. I’m just living my life and I’m not gonna live my life for other people." What a charmer! [PB Pulse]

... Still steaming over the cut-to-black finale of The Sopranos? Well, show creator David Chase's next project will almost certainly follow suit. Chase is working on a coming-of-age feature film about a rock band in the 1960s. Curious choice, to go from Italian mobsters to rock-n-roll in the Paisley age, but I'm all for it. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The premiere of Discovery Channel's Life, the network's follow-up to the mesmerizing Planet Earth, will be plastered all over Discovery's army of channels, including TLC, Animal Planet, and Discovery Health (there seven in all) on March 21. So you know, this will probably be the best thing on TV all year. [Broadcasting and Cable]

... Friday Night Lights has demoted actor Jesse Plemons to recurring status next season, which totally sucks, because he's awesome. As Landry Clark, Plemons has delivered some of the show's most moving scenes. It's sad, but it makes sense. Who really wants to see Landry hang around a high school like a pedo for the rest of his life? [EW]

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