Noirin still smiling after eviction

The retail manager from Dublin kept a smile on her face when host Davina McCall announced she had been evicted.

After sharing hugs with her fellow contestants she made her way out of the house to a chorus of boos.

During his time in the house hirsute Marcus had made it clear he wanted to strike up a romance with femme fatale Noirin but she resisted his advances.

Last week Noirin's ex-boyfriend, American Isaac Stout, 23, from Ohio, entered the house in a bid to rekindle their relationship.

The 25-year-old had been sharing intimate moments with 23-year-old Siavash, an events organiser originally from Iran.

Speaking to host McCall after the eviction, Noirin said she had been expecting a negative reaction. She said: "I was expecting boos from all the drama that's been happening over the last two weeks."

The ex-housemate went on: "I knew I was going to be booed anyway, it's part of the panto. I don't really care to be honest with you."

Isaac, with whom she had an on-off relationship for three years, will now leave the house because he only entered to get her away from Siavash, she said.

Accused of giving "mixed messages" to the men in the house, she said: "Yes with Siavash, definitely with Siavash, but not with anyone else. I was just being friendly."

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