Norway's 'Fairytale' comes true at Eurovision

23-year-old Alexander Rybak has won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with his original composition, "Fairytale".

"I'm in love with a fairytale,
even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind
I'm already cursed."

The bright, up-tempo song was matched by a captivating performance by the young singer, securing him a landslide win of 387 points.

In a nail-biting race for second, Iceland's Yohanna managed 218 points for "Is it True?" and third place went to Azerbaijan's AySel & Arash "Always" on 207.

Rybak's win was a popular result and the biggest in Eurovision history.

The young Norwegian (born in Belarus) had been the favourite from the beginning, but the bookies were well off with Greece's Sakis Rouvas as second favourite. He managed 120 points with his song "This is our Night" -- co-written by two Australian composers -- for seventh place. Greece threw everything in terms of production at its entry. Rouvas gyrated on top of a giant stage prop that allowed him to rise high in the air, and a little bit of travelling without moving (loved those old trick vaudeville shoes).

England's ambitious entry with Andrew Lloyd Webber sitting at the piano managed fifth place. Is that the reason he wasn't sitting in the Green Room when the votes came in?

Moscow put on a superb event, with many already calling it the "best ever". In fact there were three shows in total. The two semi-finals and final featured traditional folk dancing, Red Army choirs, Matroushka dolls, balalaikas, t.A.T.u., Miss World, Fiddler on the Roof, Dima Bilan, the international space station and so much more. This year marked several changes, including the reintroduction of jury voting and the absence of retired acerbic British commentator Terry Wogan. Incensed at Britain being the continual victim of bloc voting, Wogan gave away the game prompting SBS to send RocKwiz host Julia Zemiro and RRR broadcaster Sam Pang to commentate. It was the first time the broadcaster had commentators with a camera crew on the ground.

Next year, Europe will gather in Oslo to do it all over again, thanks to a kid and his violin.

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They have to sing live, but they can't play instruments (for practical reasons, they can't hook up instruments for every band and act, it would delay everything).
He did sing it live (all participants must sing live). I though the violin string was broken at first, but when i saw it was broken in the finals, i thought thats how it was supposed to be.

Great songs... crap hosts! But all in all it was great so SPASIBA MOSKVA for a great show this year :D
Did anyone notice that his Violin string had broke both in the semi-finals and finals? Lucky it was option to not sing live... Good on him anyway! :)

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