Not So Genius with Dave Gorman

If there's one thing Dave Gorman relies on to be funny it's the participation of the general public. The comedian's been cautious about how much screen time he shares in the past, but the return of his idea-sharing show (airing tonight on BBC2) sees the audience take over. Not such a smart move.

Genius with Dave Gorman (or just Genius to those who remember the first season) gives every awkward audience member the chance to star on TV--so long as they have a ridiculous idea they don't mind sharing with the world. The thoughts scrutinised, including "a mug that screams" and "a smelly alarm clock", are still as absurd as before, but their comedic value is rarely developed by the host and his guests--tonight, Russell Howard and Hazel Irvine--because there simply isn't time.

Gorman sums it up near the end of the episode when he asks: "How many ideas can we go through before something else comes on the telly?" The demonstrations and Q & A sessions that dominated the show when it first aired are now cut to bite-size proportions so they can rush through more ideas. It's as if the whole thing has been re-envisioned to make it more fun for the show-steering studio audience, rather than us viewers. What fun are edible soup lollies for us? We need something more visual and inclusive to keep us entertained.

Crockery-smashing games at the end of the episode went some way to perk our interest back up, but it was too little, too late. The creative comedy show will still make you laugh on occasion, but it's certainly dropped IQ since it was last on the BBC. See for yourself when it airs at 10pm (or 12.20am in Northern Ireland) on BBC2 tonight. In the meantime, here's a clip...

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Sep 28, 2010
At the start I shared your opinion, I thought it did get better as it went on, but it all felt rushed. I don't see what was so wrong with the first series, it was just on so long ago then they left it until now and changed the format. This is my least favourite thing with Dave Gorman hands down.