November 1, 2005 DVD releases


Sex and the City

The Complete Series (Collector's Gift Set

One of this year's most highly anticipated DVD releases is finally here! Clad in a sophisticated photo-album-style package of pink suede, every single episode of Sex and the City is now at your fingertips. Join Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Sam as they comb the streets and bars of Manhattan in search of the perfect it a lifelong partnership or a hot one-night stand. Laughter, tears, fun, fashion, and general fabulousness burst at the seams of each of the six memorable seasons comprised by this set, so call your best girlfriends and settle in for a long night of great Sex!

Special features include "Sex Essentials," a "video jukebox" of advice, quips, and quotes from the show; "Location, Location, Location," a guide to the favorite haunts of Carrie and company; "Naughty or Nice?," a test that will tell you which Sex character you are the most like; "You Can Quote Me On It," a trivia game that will let you prove what a rabid fan you are; and "En-SEX-lopedia," the ultimate guide to Sex and the City's best moments.

Get the Sex and the City DVD here!

Star Trek: Enterprise

The Complete Series

The Complete Fourth Season

In 2001's installment of the Star Trek saga, the crew of the first warp-five starship explores the mid-22nd-century galaxy under the guidance of Captain Jonathan Archer. Set 150 years before the first Star Trek series, Enterprise shows the crew encountering familiar Star Trek races such as the Klingons and Andorians for the first time, meeting other new friends and foes, and realizing that their time serves as a battlefield in the Temporal Cold War.

For the first time, you can now get all four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise in one great DVD set, complete with fabulously futuristic packaging. See the entire journey of the Enterprise, from humankind's first tentative penetration of deep space to the satisfying season finale.

If you've already purchased the first three seasons of Enterprise and don't need to buy the entire series, check out the just-released fourth-season set. This season was a hard-earned gift to faithful fans, who won the series' renewal with an intensive letter-writing campaign. The writers addressed viewers' criticism and presented a season of multiepisode story arcs to tie up loose ends, and granted us a coveted glimpse of the signing of the Federation charter. Be prepared for a little extra couch time, as this set includes more than three hours of exclusive bonus material.

Watch a clip from the Star Trek: Enterprise DVD here!

Get the Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series DVD here!

Get the Star Trek: Enterprise: Season Four DVD here!

Monster Garage

Season Three

On the Discovery Channel's Monster Garage, host Jesse James leads teams of talented car fanatics as they create what can only be described as real-life Transformers. Each episode consists of a challenge--the team must convert regular automobiles into the kind of supercharged monster vehicles that can drive on or under water, perform tricks, use tools or weapons, destroy other cars, or perform more mundane but perhaps more useful tasks. If the mission is successful, the crew gets a handsome reward...but if not, Jesse feeds their creation to a giant shredder.

This three-disc set brings you all 19 episodes that made up Monster Garage's third season, plus a bonus feature called Monster Nation. What are you waiting for?

Watch a clip from the Monster Garage DVD here!

Get the Monster Garage DVD here!

American Chopper: The Series

Season Three

Upstate New Yorker Paul Teutul, Sr. and his son, Paul Jr., have careers worthy of any youngster's American dream. Together, they spend their days creating the wildest, most powerful motorcycles possible. Anything goes at Orange County Choppers, but tension runs high when you work with your family. Step into the country's best bike shop for another season of good old family fun, fights, triumphs, and tribulations--all part of the quest for the great American chopper.

This three-disc set includes all 13 episodes of American Chopper's third season, along with a special featurette titled "Jr. vs. Sr." Even if you don't ride a steel horse of your own, your couch will take on a new aura of power when you pop this set into your DVD player and ride off into the television sunset.

Watch a clip from the American Chopper DVD here!

Get the American Chopper DVD here!

War of the Worlds

The Complete First Season

Based on the original War of the Worlds novel and film, this late-1980s series presented a frightening tale of humankind versus the unknown. A race of dangerous alien life-forms, damaged by radiation and asleep for decades, has awakened. The invaders are desperate to ensure the continuation of their species, but must take over the bodies of human hosts to survive.

Watch as a small group of brave souls fight for Earth's future in a vital story of interplanetary war and personal strife. The grand scale of the battle and the characters' individual triumphs and devastations interact to make up an intriguing science fiction series that was truly a rare gem in the dross-filled world of short-lived television series.

Get the War of the Worlds DVD here!

The (New) Outer Limits

Season One

After several smaller releases that disappointed some fans, the first season of Showtime's The Outer Limits is finally available in one great boxed set. A reimagining of the original 1960s series, this show treated fans to a spooky new story with each episode. A bit like The Twilight Zone, but with a decidedly sci-fi sensibility, The Outer Limits touched on topics from artificial intelligence and experimental surgery to intergalactic war and mysterious alien forces.

This five-disc set comprises all 22 frightening, thought-provoking episodes from The Outer Limits' first season. No information about bonus features is currently available.

Watch a clip from the Outer Limits DVD here!

Get The Outer Limits DVD here!

The Ultimate Fighter

Season One

If the falsely constructed drama and safe-as-milk settings of typical reality shows have got you wishing for something more...well, real, then The Ultimate Fighter is the series for you. Sixteen young men trained in a variety of martial arts converge in Las Vegas to undergo intense training, brutal challenges, and undeniably legitimate fist-to-face fighting. Weekly eliminations pit the contestants against each other in a heated battle for the fame and glory of being The Ultimate Fighter.

This five-disc DVD set includes all 13 episodes of season one, along with tons of great bonus material. Check out fighter profiles, training tips, a featurette entitled "Definition of an Ultimate Fighter," and more.

Get The Ultimate Fighter DVD here!

World Poker Tour

Best of Season Three

The pinnacle of high-stakes television, this Travel Channel series lets viewers step up to the final tables of the world's most intense high-stakes poker tournaments. $100 million is waiting for one lucky winner in a season packed with tension, anticipation, disappointment, and the thrill of victory. From inexperienced newcomers to calm, collected pros, everyone's ready to risk it all for a chance at the jackpot.

In addition to the most suspenseful, exciting episodes from World Poker Tour's third season, this four-disc set features extras like deleted hands, poker tips from the pros, audio commentaries, and hilarious bloopers from series host Shana Hiatt.

Watch a clip from the World Poker Tour DVD here!

Get the World Poker Tour DVD here!

The Brady Bunch

The Complete Fourth Season

The lovable, charming Brady clan is back again with another season of laughter, squabbles, milestones, and memories. Satisfy your deep longing for old-fashioned, wholesome television entertainment with 23 classic Brady Bunch episodes. The penultimate season of America's best-loved series includes the famed three-episode Brady trip to Hawaii, where Bobby finds an ancient taboo idol that seems to draw bad luck to the entire family.

Other great episodes include "Today, I Am a Freshman," in which Marcia starts high school; "Fright Night," in which the kids' mission to scare each other gets a little out of hand; "Love and the Older Man," in which Marcia falls for the family's new dentist; "The Subject Was Noses," in which Marcia gets hit in the face with a football, and many more.

Watch a clip from the Brady Bunch DVD here!

Get The Brady Bunch DVD here!


The Complete First Season

While many film-based TV shows failed to capture the excitement of the movies that were their inspirations, Fame was a shining exception to that rule. This great 1980s series brings viewers to the halls of New York's School for the Performing Arts, where young dancers, musicians, and actors balance the everyday struggles of adolescence with an all-consuming drive to refine their talents and find fame.

Leroy, Coco, Julie, Bruno, Lydia, Monty, and the rest of the Fame gang dance, sing, cry, and laugh their way through 16 great episodes in this four-disc release. Packed with humor, drama, and relevant storylines, this set is sure to have you dancing around your couch and wishing you, too, were a student at the greatest high school of the '80s.

Watch a clip from the Fame DVD here!

Get the Fame DVD here!

21 Jump Street

Season Four

The '80s DVD invasion continues with the release of 21 Jump Street: Season Four!

Heartbreakingly handsome Johnny Depp and his crew of undercover cops continue to don the trappings of adolescence and pose as high school students in their never-ending mission to expose and prevent crime in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

From illegal gambling rings to high school drug use, illegal immigration to kidnapping, and child abuse to rape and murder, 21 Jump Street never shied away from addressing controversial but crucial topics. The show managed to balance its serious subject matter with an addictive dose of drama, drawing in fans for a full five seasons of crime-solving excitement.

Pick up this great six-disc set, put on your best disguise, head over to your home entertainment system and get ready to Jump!

Watch a clip from the 21 Jump Street DVD here!

Get the 21 Jump Street DVD here!

Hearts Afire

Season Two

Three's Company star John Ritter returned to television in this 1990s love-and-politics comedy series. Set in Washington, D.C., Hearts Afire told the story of conservative senator's aide John Hartman (Ritter) and liberal press secretary Gorgie Anne Lahti (Night Court's Markie Post), who challenges his opinions and steals his heart. Beginning as roommates, but quickly becoming lovers, the pair argues, embraces, and struggles to deal with Hartman's two sons and estranged wife, Lahti's ex-con father, and their rather difficult boss.

In the second season of Hearts Afire, Hartman and Lahti embark on the journey of married life. Having ditched the big city for life in the sticks, the couple launches a campaign to save the local paper of the small town they now call home. Sixteen episodes full of fun and high jinks await you in this irresistible three-disc DVD set.

Get the Hearts Afire DVD here!

Alvin & the Chipmunks

A Chipmunk Christmas

Classic cartoon creatures Alvin & the Chipmunks arrive on DVD with their nostalgia-inducing 1981 Christmas special. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore get a chance to play a holiday show at Carnegie Hall, but when Alvin gives away his precious harmonica to a sick little boy, the boys fear that the concert will be ruined. The day, thankfully, is saved, allowing viewers to enjoy a rousing performance of The Chipmunks' career-launching hit song, "Christmas, Don't Be Late."

Also included are two holiday-themed episodes from the 1980s Chipmunks TV series. In "Merry Christmas Mr. Carroll"--based on A Christmas Carol--a lonely old man and his beloved cat help the materialistic Alvin remember the true spirit of Christmas. "Dave's Wonderful Life" is a Chipmunks-infused take on It's a Wonderful Life, set under the warm summer sun.

Get the A Chipmunk Christmas DVD here!

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