November 15, 2005 DVD Releases



The One with All Ten Seasons Collection

Season 10

You know that saying, "you could always use more friends"? Well, how about all of them? Yes, I repeat, YES!!!! It is finally here; the complete 10-season boxed set of Friends is now available. Just in the time for the holidays, cozy up and get reacquainted with those six 20-something people trying to find life and love in New York City. Relive all the memorable moments from the early days, when Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Chandler first came together at Central Perk, all the way to their final heartfelt goodbyes inside of Monica's empty apartment.

Needless to say, Friends has definitely solidified a place in both our hearts and in television history throughout its historic 10-year run. Own a piece of it by getting this definitive multidisc set for yourself or the one you care about.

Also out today is the complete 10th season of Friends, available on its own for the rabid fan who's already collected the first nine seasons of this seminal series. (description by staff)

Watch a clip from the Friends DVD here!

Get the Friends: The One With All Ten Seasons Collection DVD here!

Get the Friends: Season 10 DVD here!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Chosen Collection

What began as a minor box office phenomenon provided the catalyst for the most devout television fan base since Trekkies. At a loss for anything better, we could call them Buffies or Slayers or Worshippers of the Buffyverse. Whatever they're called, we imagine it might be difficult finding a Buffy fan that doesn't already have at least one of these seasons in his or her collection.

But no one in their right mind is going to mind receiving this 40-disc, stylishly packaged megaset of the complete series. Or perhaps this could be the perfect way for a true believer in the series to introduce it to someone who's never watched it or has been skeptical of its greatness. The series is presented on DVD exactly as is it was in its individual seasons, but there's a bonus disc featuring brand-new features, among them "Back to the Hellmouth: A Conversation with Creators and Cast," "Breaking Barriers: It's Not a Chick Fight Thing," "Love Bites: Relationships in the Buffyverse," and "Buffy: An Unlikely Role Model." (description by staff)

Get the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chosen Collection DVD here!


The Complete Third Season

The Charmed sisters--Piper, Phoebe, and Prue--were blessed one day with the powers of witchcraft, changing their lives forever. Bound together in a battle against the forces of evil, the sisters use the mighty "power of three" to defeat any foe that would dare stand up against them.

This is the last season in which Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills, 90210) starred as Prue. She was later replaced by Rose McGowan as half-sister Paige, but not before appearing in a truly killer installment of Charmed and stepping behind the camera to direct the season finale. See the evil demon Belthazor attempt to destroy the sisters even as he begins to fall in love with Phoebe, and watch the sisters dream up a way to make a wedding between Piper and Leo possible--even though it is forbidden.

Get the Charmed DVD here!


The Complete Second Season

Join fresh-faced, wide-eyed medical intern John "J.D." Dorian as he embarks on a series of bizarre yet life-changing events that propel him through his career in medicine. Learning the ropes with J.D. in his invigorating new experiences are fellow interns Chris Turk and the beautiful yet socially awkward Elliot Reid. Keeping these new interns on their toes are the chief of medicine, Dr. Bob Kelso; the abrasive, worldly Dr. Perry Cox; and the caring but slightly jaded nurse Carla Espinosa.

A far departure from other medical television shows that preceded it (E.R., Chicago Hope), Scrubs takes a look at the lighter side of hospital life by exploring the comedic yet realistic scenarios that hospital staff and patients may encounter during their tenure. Best known for its brilliant blend of over-the-top humor mixed with real-life drama, Scrubs has won the prestigious Humanitas Prize and has been nominated for two Emmy awards and a People's Choice award for its unforgettable debut season.

The season two DVD set includes all episodes from the show's sophomore season, supplemented by the standard DVD bonus features such as deleted scenes, outtakes, and alternate audio commentaries. However, this three-disc collection goes the extra mile by including a plethora of extended featurettes, such as "J.D.'s Imagination Gone Wild--cast gives exclusive insights into dream sequences," "Secrets and Lies--the truth about gossip, jokes and stories revealed," "Johnny C. Keeps Talking--one on one with John C. McGinley," "The Musical Stylings--find out how songs are chosen and enhance the show," and much more. (description by staff)

Get the Scrubs DVD here!

Stargate Atlantis

Season One

A base found buried under the ice of Antarctica leads Dr. Elizabeth Weir and a new Stargate team on a one-way voyage to the distant Pegasus galaxy, where the lost city of Atlantis holds ancient technology that the crew must unlock in order to make a safe return to Earth. Hunted by an unimaginably evil enemy known as the Wraith, a planet of primitive humanoids is desperate for the help of Weir and her team.

This spin-off of the original Stargate: SG-1 series is sure to captivate your imagination as the mysteries of Atlantis and the surrounding planets unfold before your eyes. The expedition team meets new friends and foes--including an advanced race of humans who long to conquer Atlantis--and a new twist waits for them around every turn.

Get the Stargate Atlantis DVD here!

That '70s Show

Season Three

Whether you have fond memories from the "Me Decade," whether you have chosen to block out those disco days forever, or whether you can't remember Watergate because you weren't even born yet, That '70s Show has likely captured your heart. The proverbial grass does indeed look greener from this side of the year 2000, and Eric Forman and his gang of slacker friends are here once again to take you on a nostalgic romp through their glory days.

Season three was a much simpler time: Eric and Donna still had an innocent dating relationship, prior to their wedding fiasco; Kelso and Jackie were still on the break-up-and-get-back-together roller coaster; and Fez was dating psychos. The season finale planted seeds for how the relationships between the group of friends would change in future seasons.

The set includes four discs with extras, including episode intros and episode commentaries from the cast. (description by staff)

Get the That '70s Show DVD here!

The Oprah Winfrey Show

The 20th Anniversary Collection

Oprah Winfrey, the undisputed queen of daytime TV, thanks her loyal fans once again with an unprecedented DVD release. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Oprah Winfrey Show, this affordable five-disc set comprises the very best of Oprah over the years. See the most fascinating interviews, controversial topics, illustrious guest stars, and touching memories from the seminal talk show's history. Watch Oprah reunite families and make wishes come true, learn about her famous book club and life-changing trip to Africa, and experience her triumphant 50th birthday celebration.

The classic Oprah moments featured on this disc are complemented by Oprah's inclusion of candid thoughts and feelings never before shared with the world, along with exciting material, such as rare footage from the early days of The Oprah Winfrey Show, a peek behind the scenes, a tour of Oprah's home, bloopers, Oprah's "Lightbulb Moments," and much, much more. Don't forget that Oprah plans to donate 100 percent of her net profit from the sale of this collection to Oprah's Angel Network, a charity dedicated to the education and advancement of women and children everywhere.

Watch a clip from The Oprah Winfrey Show DVD here!

Get The Oprah Winfrey Show DVD here!


Season Seven

Dr. Frasier Crane, that cynical psychiatrist who dispenses sage advice from his Seattle radio show and who is constantly plagued by his cranky father and competitive brother, returns this week to the world of DVD. Season Seven finds Frasier and the gang in many a memorable situation, and it's looked upon by some as the best season of the entire series.

Favorite episodes include "The Apparent Trap," in which Frasier's ex-wife, Lilith, and their son arrive for Thanksgiving dinner; "Rdwrer," in which Frasier, Niles, and Martin embark on an ill-advised New Year's Eve journey in Martin's Winnebago; and season finale "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue," in which Niles and Daphne finally admit the long-suppressed love they feel for each other.

Get Frasier DVD here!

Tru Calling

Season Two

Eliza Dushku stars as Tru, a girl who can rewind a single day and change the outcome. Most of us would just want to go back and change something trivial, like not putting money into Enron stock, or not eating that last doughnut. Well, not Tru. When Tru works the night shift at the city morgue and discovers her power, she decides to use it for good by helping alter the fate of people who have been murdered. That is, if the corpses ask her for help.

In season two, her archnemesis Jack tries to stop her from saving lives, and it's an epic battle between good and evil. This season, someone close to Tru is killed, and Tru can't do anything to save him because his corpse doesn't ask her for help. For once, Jack might be right about something.

This two-disc set has all six episodes from season two of this cult favorite, including the final episode, which was never aired! Extras include the featurette "Tru Calling: Opposing Forces."

Ask yourself: do you seek the Tru? (description by staff)

Get Tru Calling DVD here!


Season Seven

This season, everyone seems to be intoxicated with a round of romance in the bar where everyone knows your name. One of the most notable love affairs appears in episode "Please Mr. Postman," when Cliff dates a coworker. But when she asks him to cover for her postal mishap, will he choose Uncle Sam, or the new girlfriend? Other new developments include Woody meeting new debutante girlfriend Kelly (his wealthy yet equally clueless counterpart), Carla marrying an ice hockey player, and Lilith and Frasier expecting a baby! And of course, it's all peppered with Rebecca Howe's ridiculous antics as she tries to fend off advances from hunky bartender Sam Malone while climbing the corporate ladder. But season seven's biggest shocker might be Norm secretly becoming an interior decorator. Who ever thought he would have time away from his beer-drinking career? These are only a few of the hilarious surprises you can expect from one of this fall's funniest DVD releases. (description by staff)

Get Cheers DVD here!

Three's Company

Season Five

Although Chrissy (Suzanne Somers) does make a few appearances on this DVD, season five marks her departure and the debut of her cousin Cindy Snow (Jenilee Harrison), who would replace her as the ditsy cohort of Jack and Janet in Three's Company. But don't worry, because she's just as silly, and you'll still get your fill of skirt-chasing shenanigans a la Jack Tripper (John Ritter); quirky Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) trying to keep the household together; and constant hilarity from those landlords upstairs, the Ropers (don't you love that Mrs. Roper has a muumuu for every day of the week, even though the series is not filmed on a tropical island?!) Some of the show's most comical Jack-centric episodes appear on this DVD, including him trying to juggle three dates on the same night, being hit on by his female boss, he and Larry unknowingly dating the same girl, and Jack pretending to be Janet's husband so her parents will approve of their living situation. Let these three campy roommates warm your heart this winter with 21 episodes to keep you "company." (description by staff)

Get the Three's Company DVD here!

The Man Show

Season Four

Hosts Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel return for another season of their amazingly offensive talk/variety series. The Man Show is sure to either make you laugh with glee or give up all hope for the future of humanity, depending on how you feel about fart jokes, porn humor, and barely clad young women bouncing on trampolines.

The Man Show's fourth season celebrates all that is manly with trips to a sperm bank, a racetrack, and Las Vegas; lessons on masturbation and strip-club etiquette; a segment in which Kimmel pays women on the street to kiss each other; and more. Extras include featurettes entitled Unseen Girls on Trampolines, Women in Sports, If I Had a Son, How It Really Happened, Angylique Dance, and Vanessa Dance.

Get The Man Show DVD here!


Volume 5.2

Kevin Sorbo, who awed the world as the bearer of a mighty destiny and barer of much chest hair on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, returned to the airwaves with sci-fi/action series Andromeda.

Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek franchise, brought Sorbo into the future as Captain Dylan Hunt, who awakens from a cryogenically induced 300-year-long nap to discover that civilization as he knew it had fallen. Having gathered a motley crew of freedom fighters, Hunt sets out to vanquish the evil Nietzscheans and restore the multi-galaxy Commonwealth.

Volume 2.5 is a two-disc set that includes episodes from Andromeda's fifth and final season. No information on extras is currently available, but Volume 5.1 included bloopers, an image gallery, and a handful of featurettes, so you can probably expect something similar here.

Get the Andromeda DVD here!

Fantasy Island

The First Season

Welcome to this fantastic DVD release! With it we can at last make our long-awaited return to Fantasy Island. Join the suave and powerful Mr. Roark and his diminutive assistant, Tattoo, in their tropical paradise, where nearly anything is possible. Each episode brings the arrival of a new visitor who has an elaborate wish that only Mr. Roark can fulfill. Without exception, each guest's wish is granted, but with a twist ensuring that he or she always remembers the old adage that begins: "Be careful what you wish for..."

This four-disc set includes all 16 episodes of season one in full remastered glory, along with special features, including original Fantasy Island promotional teasers and a pair of exciting featurettes, whose contents will remain a mystery until you open the box!

Watch a clip from the Fantasy Island DVD here!

Get the Fantasy Island DVD here!

King Kong

Volume One

Volume Two

Celebrated animators Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr. produced this--the first Japanese animated series created purposely for American television--as an homage to the classic 1933 film King Kong. A decidedly less-frightening version of the famous ape joined scientist Professor Bond and his two children in a dedicated fight against the evil Dr. Who, a villain desperate to take over the world.

In addition to the adventures of King Kong and company, the series also followed the exploits of two miniature spies in a segment called Tom of T.H.U.M.B. Get a taste of the action--both enormous and tiny--in these two DVD releases. Each volume comprises eight marvelous episodes, plus an extended-length pilot. Order these, and your postman will find you beating your chest with joy when they arrive!

Get the King Kong: Volume One DVD here!

Get the King Kong: Volume Two DVD here!

The Flintstones

Season Four

Yabba dabba doo! It's the first cartoon family of television.

Before Homer Simpson was gallivanting around Springfield, Fred Flintstone and friends were satirizing American life from the prehistoric burg of Bedrock. Despite dressing in an animal skin, Fred Flintstone is the blue-collar Everyman: He clocks in and works an honest day; he has beautiful wife, a cute little kid, and a playful "dog"; and he enjoys throwing a few balls down at the bowling alley.

This four-disc boxed set contains all 26 episodes from season four, which among other things, features the first appearance of the Rubbles' adopted son, Bam Bam! Bonus extras include audio commentary from historians and animation writers about Flintstones history; the documentary "The Legendary Music of Hoyt Curtin" about Hoyt Curtin, the man who wrote the famous theme song; a featurette about how The Flintstones was the first animated prime-time show; and collectible animation cel!

Slide down that dinosaur tail and watch these dinosaur tales! (description by staff)

Get The Flintstones DVD here!

The Yogi Bear Show

Complete Series

Hanna-Barbera's lovable bears are finally receiving the deluxe DVD treatment! This four-disc collector's set features all of the episodes from the entire series, remastered and restored. Yogi and Boo Boo are two bear buddies living happy-go-lucky lives in Jellystone Park. The only trouble is, Yogi has an insatiable appetite for stealing picnic baskets and a propensity for trying to escape from the park, thus getting himself into trouble time after time. And right there in his way every time stands Ranger Smith, a trooper with the uprightness of Dudley Do-Right.

Yogi's adorable pal Boo Boo always tries to help him out and steer him in the proper direction, to little avail. Yogi Bear began his career on Huckleberry Hound's series and deservedly received his own soon after. In addition to Yogi and Boo Boo, these episodes feature cartoons starring Snagglepuss and Yakky Doodle. The set also features the TV special "Yogi's Birthday Party," in which nearly all of Hanna-Barbera's cast of characters shows up to celebrate: Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Pixie, Dixie, Mr. Jinks, Augie Doggie, Doggie Daddy, and more.

You'll be smarter than the average bear if you add this set to your collection! (description by staff)

Get The Yogi Bear Show DVD here!

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Scrubs Season 2 is definately on my wishlist.
I may get That 70s Show season 3 eventually, since it contains my favorite episode of the series "Dine and Dash."

As for the huge Buffy and Friends sets: I don't understand how they could sell much. If you are willing to spend that much money, you must be a big fan, but if you are a big fan than I am sure you have the previous individual seasons already.
Scrubs and That 70s Show are two of the best sitcoms on tv right now. I'm really looking forward to watching those releases. Buffy complete series deserves mentioning aswell.
Oprah! I want to get that. lol Not to mettion the other classics such as Yogi Bear and The Simpsons. Ahh, so many great DVD and yet such little money. lol
Finally a week of awesome DVDs
It's Andromeda for me. Finally my collection is complete :)
If this wasn't 6 weeks before Christmas, the bank would had been broken due to all these releases!
who wants to lend me $$ to buy the friends collection? if u would contact me! god bless u! lol
Wow best week ever.... but im so gonna be out of money at the end of the week. Buffy, charmed and friends!!!!!
Wow lots (Heaps!) of great DVD's this week.
I am going to be so BROKE!
Uh, HELLO?!?! I think you're forgetting the greatest DVD ever to grace the face of the planet! HOME MOVIES SEASON THREE Came out november 15th!! (today) And its the best dvd you can ever hope to get!!! How could you forget?!?
All great shows on dvd this week! Friends, Buffy, Tru Calling, That '70s Show are all great shows that everyone should invest in!
Finally, Friends Season 10, The complete Buffy collection, Charmed Season 3, this is a great week to go buy DVD's everybody.
Bought Friends Complete 10th Season and Buffy --The Chosen Collection, both for under $150. (shop around!)
A magnificent week of DVD releases!
diddn't huckelberry hound come out today,too?
Friends, That 70s show, Scrubs, and Charmed. I can't wait to get these.

"Quote Nevermore"
Nothing that great this week. That 70's Show is the best one here
Wow, so many great releases this week. We've got Oprah, Friends, Scrubs, Cheers, Frasier, and the list goes on.

For this week, I'll go with Oprah & Friends (the 10th season set because I've already gotten the first 9 seasons.)
Goodness me, loads of brilliant series on DVD here. Friends, Buffy, Scrubs, Charmed, Stargate Atlantis, all great. And I didn't even know there was a second series of Tru Calling, I thought it was just the one series.
But what surprise me most is that you guys in America have only just got some of these. Here in England we've had series 2 of Scrubs and series 3 of Charmed for a couple of weeks at least. And we've had complete box-sets of Buffy and Friends since the series finished on TV, so almost a year for the complete Friends boxset.
It always surprises me that we get them first.

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