November 22, 2005 DVD Releases


CSI: Miami

The Complete Third Season

CSI is one of television's favorite franchises, and this spin-off is a major hit in its own right. The hot locales and the tense situations keep ratings up week after week. In season three, the sensuous Miami skyline looms over the team like a glitzy foreboding blanket.

Former NYPD Blue man David Caruso got his second chance at TV stardom and has stuck with it. A wise choice. Caruso plays Horatio Caine, a tough-as-nails forensics investigator. He leads a team of forensic analysts and solves crimes by investigating the smallest details, down to the DNA.

This set features 24 episodes on seven discs, with commentary on six episodes. It also includes the DVD-only featurettes "Delivering the Goods," "Visualizing Season 3," "Locations Coast to Coast," "Deep Blue Sea," and an eight-part feature about medical-examiner school.

Get hip to this Crime Scene.

Get the CSI: Miami--The Complete Third Season DVD here!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Best of Season One

The milk of human kindness can't be borrowed from a bank with a low-interest loan, but fortunately it's flowing freely from the catering truck on the set of this reality show. This show lays bricks of goodwill and builds a foundation for Ty Pennington to energetically comment from as he leads renovations on homes for needy families. Each week features a two-story heart-warmer as the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team pipes in hope and sends lucky families through the composite shingle roof with grand plans and a blueprint for happiness. What normally takes crews months to complete is finished in a mere seven days--but you can rest assured they don't scrimp on quality!

Remade lives are on the market, and buyers are scooping up the hot property of human decency with a down payment of heart and years of caring interest. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch-style DVD set contains the full first season of this show and includes an attached garage holding featurettes, outtakes, and a wonderful montage.

Dude, this set is Extreme-ly awesome!

Get the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition--Best of Season One DVD here!

The Batman

Batman Vs. Dracula Gift Box

A young Batman is just finding his footing as a superhero in this animated series, and as he navigates the streets of Gotham City, he encounters a host of classic enemies for the very first time. Imagine his surprise and confusion when he realizes that the villain Count Dracula is on a mission to turn the residents of the city, lesser baddies like Penguin and The Joker, and even the Caped Crusader himself, into an army of bloodsucking slaves. Can Batman stop him before it's too late?

In addition to the thrilling tale of good bat versus bad bat, this single-disc release includes a few great extras. Check out an interactive behind-the-scenes map of Gotham City; a video montage featuring cast interviews and trivia; action figures; and a featurette titled "Science vs. Superstition," in which Batman's computer becomes a fountain of information about the legend of Count Dracula.

Get the The Batman--Batman Vs. Dracula Gift Box DVD here!


Season 5/Season 6/Seasons 5 & 6 Giftset

Jerry and company hit a their stride in seasons five and six. The puffy shirt episode stands out as one of the funniest of the series and is included here. Other highlights of the fifth season include the two-parter "The Raincoats" and "The Non-Fat Yogurt." Highlights from season six include "The Doorman," as well as "The Kiss Hello."

In both season fuive and seaosn six regualr sets, you get the entire repsective seasons on four discs, plus DVD extras lkke deleted scenes, cast commentaries, bloopers, and something called "Sein-Imation" for several scenes, including "Kramer vs. The Monkey." You also get exclusive foiotage of Jerry doing stand-up.

With the special gift set you get seasons five and six in their entirety, plus a replica of the puffy shirt and a reproduction of the handwritten script for "The Pilot." The gift set also includes over 26 hours of all-new bonus materials, the featurette "Jason + Larry = George," behind-the-scenes footage, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, promos and trailers, bloopers, trivia, exclusive footage of Jerry's stand-up, and more!

Become the master of your DVD domain.

Get the Seinfeld--Seasons 5 & 6 Giftset DVD here!

Get the Seinfeld--Seasons 5 DVD here!

Get the Seinfeld--Season 6 DVD here!

American Idol

Best of American Idol Seasons 1-4/The Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4/The Best and Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4

One of the best things about American Idol is that it's fun to watch when it's good, but it's almost more fun to watch when it's horrible. These three DVDs give you the best of all worlds! These have the best and the worst performances from the first four seasons of the hit show.

Extras include "Shocking Departures," contestant interviews from early in the process, and little featurettes on judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul. You can bet they steer clear of the Corey Clark allegations!

You'll be proud to be an American Idol.

Get the American Idol--The Best and Worst of American Idol: Seasons 1-4 DVD here!

Get the American Idol--Best of American Idol Seasons 1-4 DVD here!

Get the American Idol--The Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4 DVD here!

King of the Hill

The Complete Fifth Season

Mike Judge may have prematurely left his hit series Beavis and Butt-head, but his next venture was a long-lasting hit. Many folks pine for B&B;, but they'll have to make do with this heartwarmingly funny series.

Judge provides the voice for Hank Hill, a propane-gas salesman who lives with his family in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas. Hank reflects the middle-of-the-road, hard-working American; he is often befuddled by modern society. His wife, Peggy, a substitute Spanish teacher, lends a strong foundation to the family, which is also made up of their son, Bobby, and their live-in niece-in-law, Luanne Platter. Hank's goofy friends round out the mix: The divorced military barber Bill Dauterive, the paranoid conspiracy theorist Dale Gribble, and the impossible-to-understand Boomhauer add to the fun and laughs.

In the fifth season, Hank debates whether to vote for a fellow Texan in the presidential election; Bobby wants to be older; and Dale sues a tobacco company because he wants money to pay for his wife's face-lift. Not a dud is to be found in King of the Hill's fifth season!

Get the King of the Hill--The Complete Fifth Season DVD here!

The X-Files Mythology, Vol. 4

Super Soldiers

It's the final installment in the X-Files Mythology series, and it is "super." Will it answer all of your questions?

As Scully and Mulder begin to understand the vast conspiracy that surrounds the alien invasion on Earth, things begin to heat up. This set features episodes from season eight, like "This Is Not Happening," "DeadAlive," and "Essence," and season nine, such as "Nothing Important Happened Today" and "The Truth." These episodes are woven together to tell the tale of the Super Soldiers, a secret group of people altered to be superhuman warriors.

Extras include audio commentary on the episodes "DeadAlive" and "Venien," as well as a promo for season five of 24.

Get the The X-Files Mythology, Vol. 4--Super Soldiers DVD here!

Aeon Flux

The Complete Animated Collection

With the imminent release of the mega-budget Aeon Flux movie starring Charlize Theron, maybe it's time to brush up on the mythology of this character.

Aeon Flux was created for MTV's groundbreaking show Liquid Television. It featured a skimpily clad female secret agent who was beautiful and deadly. She was up against a shadowy government and did a lot of flipping around and killing people. It was all pretty awesome.

This three-disc set contains all of her animated exploits. DVD extras include commentary by creator Peter Chung and the original cast and crew, the Aeon Flux pilot, several Aeon Flux shorts, plus featurettes like "Investigation: The History of Aeon Flux" and "The Deviant Devices of Aeon Flux." Also featured are production art and Liquid Television shorts.

You've been waiting "aeons" for her!

Get the Aeon Flux--The Complete Animated Collection DVD here!

Leave It to Beaver

The Complete First Season/Limited Edition Gift Set

The Beaver and Wally have been such a wholesome staple of television viewing that it would be difficult to imagine life without them. Of course, the newer generations of viewers may not be as familiar with their now-quaint little world as those of us who were still able to catch the reruns when we were young. But even those now weaned on Harry Potter and That's So Raven may take some pleasure in watching these classic episodes with those old enough to remember them fondly.

Leave It to Beaver revolved around the Cleaver household, in which Ward and June Cleaver raised their two sons, Wally and Theodore (the "Beaver"), in a sweet, wholesome '50s world. Beaver was no different from any young boy in that he got himself into one predicament after another. His older brother, Wally, had his own life to live but always had his hands full in helping to look after his younger brother.

Universal has now released the program's first season on DVD in its entirety. The Limited Edition DVD package features, in addition to the 39 half-hour episodes from season one, a collectible Beaver Cleaver lunch box as well as a Cleaver family photo album. Both sets include a bonues episode.

Get the Leave It to Beaver--The Limited Edition Gift Set DVD here!

Get the Leave It to Beaver--The Complete First Season DVD here!

The Golden Girls

The Complete Third Season

This sitcom, which ran from 1985 to 1992, stars four of the funniest women in television.

Maude's Bea Arthur plays the headstrong, acerbic Dorothy; Bob Newhart vet Betty White stars as Rose, the blonde ditz; Rue McClanahan stars as Blanche, the sex-hungry, arrogant Southerner; and scheming Sophie is played with a twinkling glee by Estelle Getty. Put these four women under one roof, and you have a feisty den of comedy "gold."

This show is a refreshing change of pace from the normal youth-centric pop culture. These ladies are witty, fun, and vital, and they have a ball as they enjoy their sunset years. In season three, the show deals with Alzheimer's disease, death, and, in "Letter to Gorbachev," nuclear war. The acting is top-notch, as these are some of the funniest and most professional ladies in showbiz, and the show has an ingredient missing from most of today's entertainment: class.

This three-disc set contains all 25 episodes form season three. DVD extras include the "Golden Moments: Outrageous moments from season 3" featurette and "The Golden Girls Scrapbook: Favorite clips of each Golden Girl."

This is one DVD set that is as good as Golden.

Get the The Golden Girls--The Complete Third Season DVD here!

Home Improvement

The Complete Third Season

Tim "The Toolman" Taylor is back, and he's as accident-prone as ever. Whether he's fixing the house, supercharging his car, or simply trying to outdo his archnemesis, Bob Vila, Tim always leaves the audience, and more notably himself, in stitches during his everlasting quest for "more power."

Nursing Tim's wounds is his loving and very tolerant wife, Jill. Wreaking havoc is the terrible Taylor trio of Brad, Randy, and Mark. Stealing Tim's spotlight is good old lovable Al. Of course, who can forget Wilson, the astute neighbor whose face (or at least half of it) and wisdom we just cannot get enough of.

This three-disc set features all 25 hilarious and oftentimes painful episodes from the show's landmark third season. Plug in the power drill and break out the socket wrenches! Tim Allen hammers home the laughs in Home Improvement's hilarious third season.

Go Home and have some fun!

Get the Home Improvement--The Complete Third Season DVD here!

Tracey Takes On...

The Complete First Season

Talented British comedian Tracey Ullman comes to DVD with her lauded HBO sketch comedy series. With shrewd insight and versatile acting, Tracey deftly portrays characters ranging from an elderly hairdresser to a gay flight attendant, plus a plethora of others.

This three-disc set contains 10 episodes of season one. DVD extras include the Emmy-award-winning "pilot" episode, audio commentary with Tracey Ullman, four character comedy specials, and a slide show of Tracey's memorable characters. With series regulars Julie Kavner and guests like Cheech Marin and Alfred Molina, Tracey dons an incredible array of characters: magazine publisher Janie Pillsworth, serial divorcee Linda Granger, and the queen of England herself.

"Take on" this lady for laughs!

Get the Tracey Takes On...--The Complete First Season DVD here!

Dark Shadows

DVD Collection 21

Dark Shadows was a novel concept: a daytime soap opera that featured a family beset by werewolves, vampires, and all manner of supernatural shenanigans. Airing in the late '60s, it caught on and become a surprise hit, running for five years. The main character is Barnabas Collins, a 175-year-old vampire who is plagued with remorse. His layered character is a fascinating centerpiece to a compelling horror drama.

Many of these episodes take place in "parallel time," wherein alternate versions of the characters act out different storylines. This creative and boundary-pushing method allowed twice the drama and intrigue for everyone's favorite characters! This four-disc set contains 40 episodes from 1970. Bonus features include interviews with actors Lara Parker, Donna Wandrey, and others.

You'll enjoy stepping into this "shadow."

Get the Dark Shadows--DVD Collection 21 DVD here!

The Andy Griffith Show

The Complete Fourth Season

The Andy Griffith Show is a true television classic, with an expansive run of more than 200 episodes. The series never fails to please, fitting on the foot of your DVD player like a comfortable, worn B&W; moccasin. No matter how awful the world gets, the small-town misadventures of Andy Griffith in Mayberry will always bring a smile to your lips.

In "The Haunted House," Gomer and Barney must investigate a mysterious house; in "Citizen's Arrest," Barney tries to give Gomer a ticket, but Gomer turns the tables on him; and in "Fun Girls," a new character is introduced: Goober, the silly mechanic. This is the last season to feature lovable Gomer, played by Jim Nabors. The next year, Nabors got his own series, Gomer Pyle, USMC.

This DVD contains all 32 episodes from season four. There are no DVD extras, but the memories you have of watching these long ago, or the fun you'll have seeing them for the first time, are more than enough.

Go back in time with Andy Griffith.

Get the The Andy Griffith Show--The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!

Astro Boy

Collection Box Set

In 1963, Astro Boy was one of the first Japanese cartoons to air on US television, and it blazed a path for today's anime-saturated airwaves. In 1980, a color Japanese remake was mounted and once more dominated the airwaves. This cult classic lives on to this day with recent video games featuring Astro Boy.

The story of Astro Boy has a tragic beginning: Dr. Tenma loses his son Tobio in a horrible accident. Tenma uses his position as the director of the Science Ministry to build a robot that looks just like Tobio. Dubbed "Astro Boy," this robot child must help humanity and robots live in peace, as various villainous robots cause havoc on Earth and earn the distrust of humans.

This eight-disc boxed set includes all 51 episodes from the '80s series, in English. It also contains two Japanese episodes with English subtitles. Extras include a character art gallery, textless opening and closing sequences, original manga cover artwork, Japanese vs. English episode comparisons, an exclusive 24-page booklet, and more!

East meets awesome with Astro Boy!

Get the Astro Boy--Collection Box Set DVD here!

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Nov 26, 2005
looking rforward to the Super Soldiers and I haven't seen aeon flux but i'm going to
Nov 24, 2005
Yeah, American Idol on DVD seems pointless. As does the show itself, in my opinion.
Nov 24, 2005
seinfeld and home improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great shows
Nov 23, 2005
Seinfeld and king of the hill
Nov 23, 2005
I'll pass on everything except Sienfeld and King OF The Hill.
Nov 23, 2005
Top ones this week are X-files Mythology and CSI Miami.
There are a few other that are OK too.
Nov 22, 2005
and I REALLY want to see Aeon Flux, it looks extremely interesting
Nov 22, 2005
Would love to see some old 1960s cartoons such as space ghost and all the hanna barbara ones from the 60s threw 80s on dvds there was lots of good shows then not like todays tv cartoons that **** so bad whos your fav super hero from the 60s ??
Nov 22, 2005
Seinfeld for B-Day, 2 Days Away, I'm just getting 5
Nov 22, 2005
I don't like buying things for myself so close to Chri$tmas, but Seinfeld and Batman are tempting me.

But seriously, do we need an American Idol DVD? Come on!
Nov 22, 2005
I've never even heard of "Astro Boy," but it looks interesting...
Nov 22, 2005
Seinfeld, King of the Hill, Home Improvement, X-files. All good in my book! Good DVD release week overall. :)
Nov 22, 2005
Home Improvement is a good buy if you like comedy.
Nov 22, 2005
Nothing except King of the Hill.
Nov 22, 2005
Seinfeld and The Andy Griffith Show are pretty good.

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