November 29, 2005 DVD Releases

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Family Guy

Volume Three

The only cartoon family that can rival The Simpsons in both humor and dysfunction was taken off the airwaves in 2002, only to make a triumphant return after an unprecedented wave of fan support. The fourth season of Family Guy proved that the show had lost nothing during its hiatus, as it continued to deliver the irreverent, crude jokes that unfailingly draw belly-laughs from overjoyed viewers.

This three-disc set comprises the first 13 episodes of season four, including "North by North Quahog," in which Peter and Lois inadvertently steal a copy of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This; "Don't Make Me Over," in which ugly-duckling daughter Meg gets a hot new look; and "Brian the Bachelor," in which the hyperintelligent Griffin family dog finds love on a dating reality show. Special features include Behind the Scenes with Stewie, Resurrection of Family Guy, Ah-Ha Music Video, and much more.

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The Complete Fifth Season

The series that launched the entire CSI franchise gives viewers a look at the inner workings of a high-technology forensic lab. The CSI team uses the most cutting-edge equipment available to dig up the elusive shreds of evidence that will tell them how--and by whom--Las Vegas' most unsolvable crimes have been committed. Even with two spin-offs on the air, CSI's fifth season still drew astronomical ratings with explosive episodes, a closer look at the characters' personal lives, and a two-part season finale directed by Quentin Tarantino.

This seven-disc set brings you all 25 ultra-intense episodes of season five, along with a great array of extras. Enjoy several audio commentaries and featurettes, including CSI Season 5: A Post-Mortem, The Research of CSI: Maintaining the Accuracy, CSI: Tarantino Style, and the eight-part CSI: Forensic Procedures on the Scene vs. on the Screen.

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Project Runway

The Complete First Season

Ever wonder what it takes to become one of the world's top designers? Wonder no more, for Project Runway is here. Supermodel Heidi Klum hosts this reality competition that takes you behind the glamorous catwalk scenes and beautiful magazine covers into the struggle that every aspiring designer must face. Of course, since this is a TV show, that struggle is made a lot more interesting by the addition of weekly challenges and constant camera supervision. From creating dresses using only materials found in a grocery store to designing the ultimate fantasy bridal gown, each task is more difficult and fascinating than the last. Whether Project Runway inspires your own budding career or just lets you live vicariously through its contestants, you'll love this trip into the brutal, yet rewarding, world of fashion.

This three-disc set includes each great episode from season one of Project Runway, along with a gallery of the contestants' designs and two featurettes: Wear Are They Now? and Deleted Seams.

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The Miniseries

Rome may not have been built in a day, but now that ABC's summer miniseries Empire is out on DVD, you can stay home and watch the Roman Empire rise in just about eight hours. The story begins with the assassination of Julius Caesar, whose dying request is that Tyrranus, a former gladiator, ensure the safe upbringing of Caesar's adopted son, Octavius. Tyrranus takes Octavius into a protective exile and proceeds to teach him everything he must know in order to fulfill his destiny as the first emperor of Rome. Filmed entirely on location in Italy, this fascinating blend of history and fiction is sure to add a touch of epic adventure to your home.

This two-disc set includes previously unaired, uncensored scenes and featurettes titled Rebuilding an Empire and Empire: Before & After.

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Criss Angel Mindfreak

The Complete Season One (A&E; Exclusive)

Do you love the art of magic and illusion, but can't watch another rabbit-in-a-hat trick or other yawn-inducing kiddie fare? Criss Angel feels the same way, so he's dragged magic into the 21st century with the extreme entertainment he refers to as "mindfreak." Criss Angel's death-defying escapes and jaw-dropping stunts put the wonder back in viewers' lives, and this exclusive A&E; release brings that enchantment to your home.

Experience all 15 amazing episodes of Criss Angel Mindfreak's first season, including gems like "Body Suspension," in which Criss hangs from a helicopter by his own skin; "Chicken," in which he challenges fellow magician The Amazing Jonathan to the ultimate game of Chicken; and "Burned Alive," in which he is--you guessed it--burned alive. Also included are audio commentaries, interactive TV illusions, a guide to creating your own tricks, an interview with Criss, and much more.

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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Volume One: Let's Go

Volume Two: Rock Forever

Japanese pop superstars Puffy AmiYumi arrived on television in November 2004, when Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi premiered on the Cartoon Network. The animated series follows the spunky duo and their straight-laced manager, Kaz, as they travel the world in their tricked-out tour bus. From insane fans to haunted drumsticks and from talent-sucking vampires to competing bands, the girls meet one adventure after another with infallible charm and unshakable cool.

Each of these two great releases comprises 12 awesome Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi episodes, an exclusive featurette, and a music video. The "Let's Go" set also includes two interactive challenges: Dance a Go Go and Totally Trivial Trivia Track.

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Lotsa Luck

Complete Series

Dom DeLuise scored his first starring television role as Lotsa Luck's Stanley Belmont, a New York City custodian who lives with and supports his demanding mother, daffy sister, and shiftless brother-in-law. With the whole family under one roof and the bills constantly piling up, every day is a struggle--but good-hearted Stanley and his best friend, Bummy Pfitzer, turn life's lemons into laughter in each hilarious episode.

Stars like Suzanne Somers, Harold Gould, and Ruth Buzzi dropped by for guest appearances to spice things up, and the regular cast was blessed with enough humor and talent to make each moment a memory. Though Lotsa Luck made it through only one season before the axe of cancellation fell, it managed to create some of America's funniest sitcom memories. Finally, you can own them all. Enjoy!

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Mission Hill

Complete Series

It's time for a visit to Mission Hill, the hippest neighborhood in the city of Cosmopolis. Animated slacker Andy French and his two roommates share an apartment in peace--until Andy's overachieving 17-year-old brother and family dog move in, that is. The sudden shock of responsibility pulls Andy from the haze of his comfortable routine into a reality that's a lot more difficult, but also a lot more fun. Will little brother Kevin ever be cool? Will Andy ever score a date with Kevin's teacher? Will the members of this makeshift household ever learn to get along?

This two-disc set will provide the answers to these questions and more over the course of 13 great episodes. Also included are audio commentaries by creators, producers, writers, and cast, along with an interactive map of Mission Hill.

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Complete Series

1970 UK series Timeslip told the story of two teenagers, Liz Skinner and Simon Randall, who accidentally discover the secret of time travel while trying to find a missing girl. Liz and Simon's newfound power then takes them on a fantastical trip through both the past and the future. Timeslip managed to address several topics--like cloning, weather manipulation, and anti-aging drugs--that have gone on to become today's news.

This four-disc set brings all 26 episodes of Timeslip to DVD for the very first time--including the one and only episode filmed in color. Extras include Behind the Barrier, a behind-the-scenes documentary; a map of Saint Oswald; a photo gallery; cast biographies; and trivia.

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The Tomorrow People

Set Two

If your Timeslip marathon leaves you longing for more adventures featuring British teens with special gifts, The Tomorrow People are here for you. Representing the next stage of human evolution--homo superiors--John, Elizabeth, and Stephen are blessed with the powers of telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy. Their only limitation is that they are unable to kill. The trio must use their abilities to protect Earth from alien invaders and strive to guide humankind to its rightful destiny.

This four-disc set brings all 26 episodes of The Tomorrow People's third and fourth seasons to DVD for the first time. Bonus features include audio commentary, cast biographies, and a featurette titled The Origins of the Tomorrow People.

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