Nurse Espinosa removing Scrubs

The long-running medical comedy Scrubs normally leaves near-death experiences to its dramatic counterparts, but behind the scenes, it's seen the light and been revived plenty of times.

For several years the show has been considered "on the bubble" when networks make their decisions to cut or keep programming, and each year it escapes the axe late in the game. After seven successful years at NBC, Scrubs begins its eighth season on a new network--ABC--this season. However, that relationship could be one-and-done.

Many have suspected that this season could be the show's last, and comments made by actress Judy Reyes, who plays nurse Carla Espinosa, certainly add fuel to that fire.

According to news service Bloomberg, Reyes said she would be leaving the sitcom after this season, and that others from the team were likely to follow. In addition to her departure, she thinks lead Zach Braff and creator Bill Lawrence will split as well.

"Their salaries exceed the budget of ABC and, I think, so do their ambitions," Reyes told Bloomberg. "Mine do, too."

Braff all but sealed his future a month ago at this year's Television Critics Association press tour when he told the media, "My sense is this is my last year."

ABC execs fired back that they wanted to continue the show beyond this next season, possibly with new cast members, but without Lawrence and Braff, the show would definitely lose much of its pizazz.

Post Scrubs, Reyes hopes to work in feature films and on Broadway.

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