October 18, 2005 DVD releases



The Complete First Season

This third installation in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise takes us straight to the gritty streets of Manhattan, where driven detectives Mack Taylor (Gary Sinise) and Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) guide a team of experts to the resolutions of New York's most mysterious crimes. These crackerjack investigators have to rely on natural talent and hard-earned skill to comb the city for the shreds of evidence that, once compiled, form arguments strong enough to crack even the hardest cases.

This seven-disc DVD set comprises all 24 episodes of CSI: NY's first season, including favorites like "Creatures of the Night," "Three Generations Are Enough," and "What You See Is What You Get." Special features include cast interviews, a set tour, and featurettes covering "the zoo year," "the world's largest crime scene," and "the science behind the scenes."

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The Batman

Batman vs. Dracula

A young Batman is just finding his footing as a superhero in this animated series, and as he navigates the streets of Gotham City, he encounters a host of classic enemies for the very first time. Imagine his surprise and confusion when he realizes that the seminal villain Count Dracula is on a mission to turn the residents of the city, lesser baddies like Penguin and The Joker, and even the Caped Crusader himself into an army of bloodsucking slaves. Can Batman stop him before it's too late?

In addition to the thrilling tale of good bat versus bad bat, this single-disc release also includes a few great extras. Check out an interactive behind-the-scenes map of Gotham City; a video montage featuring cast interviews and trivia; and a featurette entitled Science vs. Superstition, in which Batman's computer becomes a fountain of information about the legend of Count Dracula.

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Adventures of Superman

The Complete 1st Season

Though he's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, the Man of Steel has chosen to alight for a moment in this five-disc DVD set from Warner Bros. Home Video.

Enjoy all 26 episodes that make up Season One of the first Superman series to air on TV, along with a great list of extras. Check out a vintage short featuring original Superman portrayer George Reeves, original Kellogg's Cereal TV spots, audio commentary from a knowledgeable group of "Super-Experts," a retrospective featurette entitled From Inkwell to Backlot, and the feature-length 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men.

The last remaining survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, our hero lives in the city of Metropolis disguised as mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent. Whenever disaster strikes, Superman appears as if from nowhere to battle villains and to repeatedly rescue the beautiful Lois Lane. In addition to the enlightening pilot episode, this season includes memorable episodes like "Night of Terror," "The Birthday Letter," "Treasure of the Incas," and "Drums of Death."

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Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Season Five

A spin-off of the original Saved by the Bell series, The New Class' cameras continued to haunt the halls of Bayside High School long after Zach, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, and Slater had moved on to college and then adulthood. Principal Belding (Dennis Haskins) still ruled the roost with an iron hand, aided by former student Screech (Dustin Diamond), who's returned to Bayside as Belding's assistant. A revolving cast of talented young actors portrayed seven seasons' worth of kids dealing with the trials and tribulations of life in a California high school.

This four-disc set follows the Bayside kids through exciting adventures, like a grueling outdoor survival trek, a trip to romantic Paris, and new jobs at the local mall. Breakups, makeups, and important issues, like drug use and prejudice, are all tackled in 26 great episodes such as "Desperately Seeking Work," "Boy II Man," and "Friends Behaving Badly."

Get the Saved By the Bell: The New Class DVD here!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season One, Volume One

By the power of Grayskull... He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have arrived on DVD! Originally inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan the Barbarian, this classic 1980s cartoon toned down the violence of Conan for a series and toy line that was appropriate for kids of all ages.

Visit the distant planet of Eternia, where the kindly Prince Adam and his cowardly tiger, Cringer, transform into He-Man and Battle Cat to fight the forces of evil whenever they threaten the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Aided by the Sword of Power and friends like Man-At-Arms, Ram Man, Stratos, and Orko, He-Man and Battle Cat stand up against the villainous sorcerer Skeletor and his wicked henchmen.

This six-disc set comprises the first 33 episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, along with extras like interviews, animated storyboards, deleted scenes, trading cards, trivia, and much more.

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The Twilight Zone

Season Four: Definitive Edition

Return to Rod Serling's eerie world of wonder and terror, fright and fascination with this fourth "Definitive Edition" DVD set. With trademark twists, moral lessons, and wry humor, each episode of The Twilight Zone will take you on a journey to the depths of your own imagination.

This six-disc set includes 18 hour-long, remastered episodes, like "In His Image," in which a scientist creates a disturbingly perfect android; "Miniature," in which a lonely man falls in love with a doll; "The New Exhibit," in which the figures in a wax museum come to life; and "The Bard," in which the ghost of William Shakespeare helps an untalented young writer launch his career.

The incredibly long list of special features includes--among many other treats--audio commentaries, interviews, isolated music scores, a Rod Serling blooper reel, a Saturday Night Live skit, and a Genesee Beer promo spot.

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The Complete Series

Life is tough when you're trying to conquer Hollywood from the bottom up, and no TV show has documented the struggle as faithfully as the "improvised dramedy" Unscripted. Based on the actual lives and experiences of series stars Krista Allen, Bryan Greenberg, and Jennifer Hall, Unscripted weds reality and fiction for a funny and fascinating jaunt through the world of young actors attempting to launch their careers.

Executive producers George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh craft critically lauded episodes based on the adventures of Allen, Greenberg, and Hall, and big-time stars like Noah Wyle, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Uma Thurman play themselves in frequent guest appearances.

This two-disc set includes all 10 episodes of Unscripted's first and only season. Enjoy!

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Ghost Hunters

Season One

Volume One: Most Bizarre Episodes & Scariest Moments

Reality series Ghost Hunters chronicles the adventures of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who are plumbers by day and fearless investigators of the supernatural by night. As cofounders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society), Hawes and Wilson lead a team of experts through a new case in every episode, gathering evidence and searching for an explanation for each new "haunting" they encounter.

In Ghost Hunters' first season, the team visits an attic inhabited by a rowdy poltergeist, a spooky abandoned prison, a lighthouse teeming with unexplainable activity, and many other creepy locales. Get acquainted with the team over the course of 10 great episodes.

Once you've grown to know and love the Ghost Hunters, you'll certainly want to check out their "Most Bizarre Episodes & Scariest Moments." Chock-full of carefully selected shocks that will have you jumping out of your seat, this second release also features plenty of deleted scenes and never-before-seen footage. Together, these two DVDs may inspire you to embark on a ghost-hunting expedition of your own!

Get the Ghost Hunters: Season One DVD here!

Get the Ghost Hunters: Most Bizarre Episodes & Scariest Moments DVD here!

Dark Shadows

The Complete Revival Series

The original Dark Shadows was a 1960s gothic soap opera that became a surprise cult hit. Creatures of the night came to daytime TV, fascinating viewers for a full 12 seasons.

In 1991, series creator Dan Curtis resurrected the show as a prime-time drama on NBC. Though the new version of Dark Shadows was an admirable remake, it failed to draw high ratings and was canceled after one season. Now, for the first time, you can get all 13 episodes of the Dark Shadows revival series in one great DVD boxed set.

Meet the vampire Barnabus Collins, accidentally freed from his grave by handyman Willie Loomis. Watch him fall in love with the beautiful governess Victoria Winters, who is soon sent back in time to the year 1790 and is replaced by a strange visitor from that long-ago time. Séances, witchcraft, love, death, passion, and betrayal make up the ghostly plot of this haunting series, which is sure to capture the interest of old fans and newcomers alike.

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Strawberry Shortcake

Volume Five: Dress Up Days

Gift Set

Gather your best friends together, settle down on your comfiest cushions, and get ready to have a berry good time! Strawberry Shortcake is back with two great DVD releases guaranteed to make your world a little brighter.

The sweet and spirited Strawberry Shortcake and friends, like Blueberry Muffin, Peppermint Fizz, and Rainbow Sherbet, get together for fun, adventures, and the occasional good-natured prank. The sweet denizens of Strawberry Land make new friends wherever they turn, as well as learn a little lesson with every story.

Strawberry Shortcake's "Dress Up Days" comprises two great episodes in which Strawberry and her friends learn why it's great to be different...whether it's in the way you look, dress, talk, or even act. Join the gang as they act out their own version of "Cinderella" and later attend a fabulous costume party.

The boxed five-disc gift set includes great episodes "Best Bets Yet," "Meet Strawberry Shortcake," "Spring for Strawberry Shortcake," "Adventures on Ice Cream Island," and "Get Well Adventure."

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Get the Strawberry Shortcake: Gift Set DVD here!

Garfield and Friends

Garfield Cat Tales Gift Set

Garfield and Friends, a favorite Saturday morning cartoon of the 1980s and '90s, is back on DVD with a fabulous collectible gift set just in time for the holiday season. This three-disc set includes nine Emmy-nominated episodes broken into three themed categories: "Garfield as Himself," "Garfield Travel Adventures," and "Garfield Fantasies."

Join Garfield and his buddies for great episodes, like "Here Comes Garfield," in which our lasagna-loving hero breaks Odie out of the dog pound; "Garfield Gets a Life," in which Garfield, Odie, and owner Jon attempt to add excitement to their lives; "Garfield in Paradise," in which the gang takes a trip to a tropical island; and more exciting adventures. Great times are always around the corner when you've got friends like these!

Watch a clip from the Garfield & Friends DVD here!

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

The Legend of Zelda: The Complete Series

The Legend of Zelda was an animated show that aired once a week within the larger Super Mario Bros. series. Originally shown in conjunction with the release of the first Zelda video game, the series explained and enhanced the game's characters and atmosphere with excitement, adventure, and laughs.

Beautiful-but-spoiled Princess Zelda and her brave suitor Link are the lone guardians of the powerful Triforce, which evil sorcerer Ganon is desperate to steal. Watch as Link engages in endless battles with Ganon and his minions, all the while angling for a coveted kiss from Zelda.

This three-disc set includes all 13 episodes of The Legend of Zelda, along with special features like live-action segments from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, an illustrators' guide slide show, and an interactive game.

Watch a clip from The Legend of Zelda DVD here!

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Turning 13

Alicia Silverstone of Clueless fame voices blonde teenager Sharon Spitz in this animated series from the Disney Channel. Sharon is a typical girl dealing with all the pressures of growing up, such as puberty, bullies, junior high, and, worst of all, her new set of braces. Living with a mouth full of metal is a pain, but Sharon's braces are constantly doing exciting, mysterious things that make life a little more interesting.

This two-disc set comprises the initial 13 episodes of the Braceface series, in which we learn how Sharon first discovered the special powers of her braces. See our plucky heroine through adventures in which she confronts some of the demons of adolescence, like first crushes, enforced frog dissection, encounters with alcohol, and lying to her parents. Enjoy special features such as Braceface personality tests and an exclusive dance remix of the series' theme song.

Get the Braceface DVD here!

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Oct 22, 2005
gost hunters

Oct 21, 2005
I'm not really a fan of any of the shows this week. Does anyone know when the second season of the Jamie Foxx Show comes out on dvd.
Oct 20, 2005
I swear... all the things I want never show! The first (or second... it's too confusing to understand!) saga of Dragon Ball GT is out! How could you forget about that?!
Oct 19, 2005
He-Man,Batman...cartoon stuff rulzzz this week! Also CSI:NY would be a good addition...
Oct 19, 2005
I don't have any money to buy what I want! :(
Oct 19, 2005
CSI NY, and nothing more!!!!
Oct 19, 2005
You forgot Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncut Volume 4: Black Flame! Red-Eyes Black Dragon!
Oct 18, 2005
Yay, CSI: NY!!!
Oct 18, 2005
he-man and zelda,cool.
Oct 18, 2005
what looks good

twilight zone

he man

the batman

Oct 18, 2005
Well I guess I'll make a quick jump to the store and get He-Man and The Adventures of Superman. That should keep me busy until next week.
Oct 18, 2005
Well I guess I'll make a quick jump to the store and get He-Man and The Adventures of Superman. That should keep me busy until next week.
Oct 18, 2005
I am totally getting The Batman VS. Dracula! Also, who can live without Zelda... hehe I never thought it would be released. !:)!
Oct 18, 2005
I still haven't bought everything that I wanted to get from last week. I don't see anything here that I want, although I may consider getting CSI: NY. I'm a big Hill Harper fan, so I guess I should have this.