October 25, 2005 DVD Releases



The Complete Fourth Season

Before J.J. Abrams took you into the unknown with Lost, he blasted you into spyland with Alias. Special agent Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner, is working for the CIA, trying to stop villainous scum from ruining the world. This season, we meet Sydney's sister, Mia, who is also Sloane's daughter. If that isn't enough to make your head spin, Vaughn goes AWOL after he steals an item from the CIA. Is Vaughn turning bad, or does he just want to find his father? Is Sloane really Sloane, or is this fake Sloane the real Sloane? It's hard to trust either one of them!

This six-disc DVD set contains all 22 episodes from season four of the series. Also included are the DVD extras "A Chat With Jennifer Garner"; "Meet Mia" featurette; director's diary; "Marshall's World"; a blooper reel; deleted scenes; a rundown of the guest stars of season four; "Anatomy of a Scene" featurette; "Agent Weiss' Spy Camera" breakdown; and commentary by cast and creators of four episodes.

Alias, aka "excitement!"

Watch clips from the Alias - The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!

Get the Alias - The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!

3rd Rock From the Sun

Season Two

Back when NBC was the king of comedy, this show was part of the reason! 3rd Rock tells the story of a group of aliens that lands on Earth to investigate humanity. Things go quickly awry, as the aliens have the inability to lie.

John Lithgow stars as the team leader, Dick, and he is "aided" in his job by Harry (French Stewart), Sally (Kristen Johnston), and Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). SNL alumnus Jane Curtin shows up to add some spice as Dr. Albright. In season two, the hijinks are out of this world: the aliens become shocked at the way aliens are treated in a sci-fi movie; the gang gets involved in a high school production of Romeo and Juliet; and Dick asks Dr. Albright to marry him!

This four-disc box set includes all 26 episodes of season two, and it comes with cool 3D glasses! Extras include a new John Lithgow interview, a blooper reel, a behind-the-scenes featurette, a highlight reel, and a never-before-aired 3D episode with an alternate ending.

Have some fun with Dick and Jane!

Watch clips from the 3rd Rock From the Sun - Season 2 DVD here!

Get the 3rd Rock From the Sun - Season 2 DVD here!

The L Word

Season Two

Do you have trouble saying the "L" word, even in this modern day? Well then, maybe you'll be interested in learning that these lesbians are average, everyday women. They have tough weeks, they have jobs, they have families and bills--they're just regular folks.

This Showtime series explores the world of lesbians in all its everyday glory. It tells the story of a group of lesbian friends who live in the gritty metropolis of Los Angeles. In season two, Dana tries to get a corporate sponsorship for her tennis career; Tina is harassed by a sperm donor's girlfriend; and there is a riot in the gallery that puts the whole gang in jail.

This four-disc box set contains all 13 episodes from the second season of this groundbreaking show. Extras include cast commentaries, an L Word photo shoot, a blooper reel, fan commentaries, a Ms. Foundation PSA, and a photo gallery.

This holiday, give them L.

Watch clips from the The L Word - The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the The L Word - The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Point Pleasant

The Complete Series

When young Christina is rescued from the ocean after a mysterious storm, a small New Jersey town begins to unravel--repressed feelings surface, mysteries unfold, and secrets are unlocked. As it turns out, Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil.

Death rains down on Point Pleasant as Christina searches for her mother, and a host of characters turn up to help or hinder her. This cult favorite is one of many shows that was canceled despite having a dedicated fan base. This supernatural series didn't last a full season, but all of the 13 produced episodes are included on this three-disc set. There are also five unaired episodes, including an alternate pilot.

Score a "point" for great viewing.

Get the Point Pleasant - The Complete Series DVD here!


The Best of Seasons 8, 9, & 10

Following in the footsteps of Saturday Night Live, and in some ways surpassing it during the last ten years, sketch comedy series Mad TV has bulldozed popular culture with its sharp-witted parodies. Deriving its comic sensibilities from Mad Magazine, this program has satirized celebrities, music videos, television, and much more.

This DVD set features three hours of the funniest sketches from the most recent seasons. Ms. Swan and Stewie are two of the obvious favorites, but thereis much to recommend. A sampling of the skits included in this collection are "Reality Show Cameras," "Oprah: Fat Camera," "CSI," "Dr. Kylie: Butt Seriously," "Ms. Swan: Valentine's Day," "Gotta Getta Gotti," and "Average Asian: Party Asian." Also included is a bonus Stuart blooper reel!

Escape the insanity of the world. Go Mad.

Watch clips from the MADtv - The Best of Seasons 8, 9 & 10 DVD here!

Get the MADtv - The Best of Seasons 8, 9 & 10 DVD here!

In Living Color

Season 4

It is laughs aplenty with the show that made Jim Carrey famous! This powerhouse of comedy also catapulted Jamie Foxx and the Wayans brothers to stardom, as well as that "fly girl" Jennifer Lopez! Season four marks the first without Damon or Keenen Ivory, but Marlon Wayans makes a big entrance, and Tommy Davidson and David Alan Grier are still around to keep things lively.

This sketch show zinged celebrities and social issues, often inviting controversy upon itself, and when that happened, the show said "bring it on." In the season opener "Rodney King and Reginald Denny Speak Out," they tweak just about everyone, and they keep up the irreverence in "Black People Awards" and "Homey and Son."

This three-disc set contains all 33 episodes from season four. Put a little color in your life.

Watch clips from the In Living Color - Season 4 DVD here!

Get the In Living Color - Season 4 DVD here!

The Kids in the Hall

Complete Season Three

It's the third season of cult favorite Kids in the Hall. These kids are from Canada, home to many of our favorite comedians. They send up everything under the sun with their skewed Canuck sensibilities. This show launched many of comedy's bright stars, including Dave Foley (NewsRadio).

This four-disc set includes all 22 episodes from season three of this show from Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels. Extras include audio commentary, a season three "best-of" compilations featuring fan favorites, 30 minutes of never-before-seen performances at the Rivoli Theater, a slide show, and cast bios.

Canadians--smarter than Americans, weirder than the French, almost as funny as the British!

Watch clips from the Kids in the Hall - Complete Season 3 DVD here!

Get the Kids in the Hall - Complete Season 3 DVD here!

Tripping the Rift

Season One

Based on a whacked-out Internet cartoon, Tripping the Rift is like Star Trek on acid! It tells the CGI tale of the crew of the Jupiter 42, a spaceship run by a neurotic computer. This band of weirdo misfits must evade the Dark Clowns and the corporate confederation. Filled with gross-out humor and sexy androids, this show is not for kids.

This three-disc DVD set contains all 13 episodes from the first season of this absurd show. Extras include a character gallery, an artwork gallery, and a DVD-ROM full of scripts.

Newsday says it's "worth the trip."

Watch clips from the Tripping the Rift - The Complete First Season DVD here!

Get the Tripping the Rift - The Complete First Season DVD here!

The Munsters

Season Two

America's favorite frightening family is back: Herman, the big, goofy dad who clomps around in big shoes; Lily, the devilishly delightful housewife; Grandpa, a vampire who used to be really "Count"; Marilyn, the enfant terrible of the family; and Eddie, the only kid you've ever seen with a widow's peak.

This box set has all 32 second-season episodes and some frightfully good bonus features like "America's First Family of Fright," "Fred Gwynne: More Than a Monster," "Yvonne DeCarlo: Gilded Lily," and "Al Lewis: Forever Grandpa."

With this DVD set you'll be laughing at death!

Watch clips from the The Munsters - Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the The Munsters - Complete Second Season DVD here!

Little House on the Prairie

Season Nine

It's the ninth season of this long-running television classic, and this show just got better with age. Series star Michael Landon wrote several episodes, including "Little Lou," about a circus performer coming to Walnut Grove for work, and the emotional two-part "Times Are Changing," in which the Ingalls must sell their home and move out of Walnut Grove.

This six-disc set contains all 22 episodes of the ninth season, as well as extras like interviews with Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder) and Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson). It also features a Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Site Tour, as well as a documentary called "Laura's Legacy," and the book Little House on the Prairie from A to Z.

Spend some time at the House.

Get the Little House on the Prairie: Season Nine DVD here!


The Complete Second Season

This second season is a magical time, as Samantha and Darrin welcome their new baby Tabitha. She's a little cutie, and she can twitch her nose with the best of them! The hijinks are hilarious in this classic sitcom whose memory can't be tarnished by a horrible Hollywood film adaptation.

This season has some truly excellent guest stars, including Charlie Ruggles (Bringing Up Baby), Robert Strauss (Stalag 17), and future Oscar winner and shark bait Richard Dreyfuss. In addition, there is the introduction of comedy stalwart Paul Lynde!

This five-disc set has all 38 episodes from season two, plus a bewitching amount of exciting extras. Also, it's being released in both a colorized version and a black-and-white version for the purists. Feel the magic!

Watch clips from the Bewitched - The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the Bewitched - The Complete Second Season (Colorized) DVD here!

Get the Bewitched - The Complete Second Season (B&W;) DVD here!

Tales From the Crypt

The Complete Second Season

The second season of the spooky Tales From the Crypt is released just in time for Halloween. In this season, the Cryptkeeper takes you on 18 terrifying journeys into darkness. Demi Moore stars as a greedy gal who gets what is coming to her; Harry Anderson is a cartoonist with an overactive evil imagination; Don Rickles stars as a ventriloquist who has a creepy fan, played by Bobcat Goldthwait; plus, lots more!

This two-disc box set has all 18 episodes from the second season of this series, based on the E.C. Comics classic of the same name. Extras include a diabolical documentary.

Get some Tales tonight.

Watch clips from the Tales From the Crypt: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the Tales From the Crypt: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Tom and Jerry

Spotlight Collection: Volume Two

It's Tom and Jerry, a pair of the funniest classic cartoon characters ever to appear on the small screen. These two played their hilarious cat and mouse games for decades, and now this collection brings some of their best segments to you.

Extras include audio commentaries on "Saturday Evening Puss," "Puss N' Boots," "The Night Before Christmas," and "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Mouse" by Madtv's Nicole Parker and animation historian Earl Kress. Also included is the documentary "Animators as Actors," which shows an actor's workshop. There is also the featurette "The Comedy Stylings of Tom and Jerry," where you are shown who Hanna-Barbera drew upon to create Tom and Jerry. There's an introduction by Whoopi Goldberg, and production sketches from "Midnight Snack," plus a side-by-side comparison of the episode and the black-and-white pencil sketch.

Watch clips from the Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection: Volume Two DVD here!

Get the Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection: Volume Two DVD here!

Looney Tunes

Golden Collection, Volume Three

This four-disc set has 60 episodes of some of the best Looney Tunes cartoons, spanning the entire time Warner Bros. was making them. They start in the 1930s, with the introduction of Porky Pig, and then continue through to 1965, when the studio stopped producing the cartoons. That's 60 nuggets of animated comedy gold!

DVD extras include "Philbert," a 1963 TV pilot; three Private Snafu adventures; "Point Rationing of Foods," a wartime short; "The Bear That Wasn't"; storyboards; vault treats; and documentaries on Frank Tashlin, Pepe Le Pew, and much more. The buzz on this one is that it's the best set yet.

Go Looney for these tooneys!

Watch clips from the Looney Tunes: Golden Collection, Volume Three DVD here!

Get the DVD here!

Beverly Hillbillies/Petticoat Junction

Ultimate Christmas Collection

This disc holds Christmas cheer of the comedy kind! There are three episodes in all, two from The Beverly Hillbillies and one from Petticoat Junction.

Laugh along with the Clampetts as you watch two holiday episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies, one each from the 1962 and 1963 seasons. Will Jed find black gold under the tree--coal, that is? In "Home for Christmas," the Clampett clan goes back to visit Aunt Pearl. In "Christmas at the Clampetts," Mr. Drysdale gets the Clampetts some weird Christmas presents. It's the thought that counts, right?

Then visit Petticoat Junction, where the laughs are under the tree for you to unwrap! In "Cannonball Christmas,"Homer Bedloe tries to keep the caroling train from making its annual Christmas run. What a Scrooge!

Classic comedy for a classic Christmas.

Get the Beverly Hillbillies/Petticoat Junction: Ultimate Christmas Collection DVD here!

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Alias, DVD the Four season, is the best of the series
Tom and Jerry!!! ;)
The only thing for me is Munsters, The: Season 2, but I might eventually blind buy Alias & Point Pleasent.
Wow, I'm really surprised that 3rd Rock From The Sun season 2 is only just coming out in America. Here in England we have had the entire series for years now.
I think im gonna buy Tom & Jerry
Waiting impatiently for season 2 of Laverne and Shirley, and Happy Days.......anyone feel the same? Glad to see season two of the Munsters and Bewitched came out. will buy both
Alias 4th season is thge obly thing i will check out for this week round.
Alias. All right. I don't watch the Alias on the regular TV, I just wait for the DVDs.
I can't believe that some of you said there is nothing here or everything here is junk! Hello? Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, 3rd Rock, Mad TV, and Alias are all great shows!
I'm glad Point Pleasant and Alias came out :))
I'll buy them soon
3 rock
only thing worth watching is tripping the rift
I'll defenitly have Alias. Point Pleasent maybe, but I doub't it'll ever get out in my country :|
I might check out Point Pleasant.
I got Point Pleasant today! I want Alias and American Gothic. ALthough...Point Pleasant doesn't have an alternate pilot.
CRAP ECXEPT FOR in loving color and mad tv
I like Bewitched and in Living Collor is ok
I can't wait for Looney Tunes Vol. 3 and Tom and Jerry Vol. 2, same the last was sound edited again
Nothing this week. Oh well maybe next week something good will come out.
I thought In Living Color ran only 3 seasons on Fox. Anyway, I just got Kids in the Hall season 2, and hope to get season 3 by the end of the year. And I'm still waiting to see if they're going to reissue Tom and Jerry Vol. 1 with the cartoons uncut as they said they would. Once I'm sure Vol. 2 is uncut, I'll get that as well.
Nothing I really want this week, although "In Living Color" seems like a great choice for me to pick up.
We don't meet Sydney's sister Mia - it's Nadia. Do these people even watch the shows - or do they just look at the 'special features list' that says 'Meet Mia: Syd's Little Sister' (the actress' name) and go, oh that's her name.

Really this site's supposed to be professional and factual not riddled with errors - especially when someone's paid to write up these reviews.

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