Office gossip, romance, and the very normal Michael Scott.

The Office Season 5 DVD was released yesterday, and Season 6 is fast approaching. But while fans are getting excited about Jim and Pam's pregnancy and upcoming nuptials, we wanted to catch up with some other notables from America's favorite office park. So we sat down with Oscar Nunez, who plays Oscar Martinez on the show, to chat about the upcoming season. A couple story lines are revealed, but there are NO SPOILERS in here! (Even the stars don't know what's scripted for the future.) To find out more about the making of the show, read on. Other than Jim and Pam's engagement and baby news, how does Season Six start?

Oscar: Andy has a lot of funny stuff coming up, and, of course, Dwight, as usual. They kind of team up in a couple of episodes together as buddies, and it's actually quite funny. I think we're shooting that one right now.

Michael has a relationship that he gets into that is absolutely sick and hilarious. And it's not long-lived. It's a short-lived fling, but it is absolutely hysterical and we just finished shooting that one.

Michael is trying to do something good, and it comes out horrible, and then he backtracks and tries to fix it by making the hole even deeper and worse. There's gossip flying around the office about everyone, little things about everyone. According to a preview video released last week, there will be an episode about office gossip this fall. Why hasn't office gossip come up on the show before?

Oscar: Bear in mind it's a 20 minute show. What comes out on TV always surprises me because it's only 20 minutes. So it's never the way I picture it. What was it like last year when Michael Scott was replaced as the boss?

Oscar: Oh dear God, he was still there. He was still there, even when he's kicked out, he's still there. He won't leave. He can't leave that place. There's an umbilical cord. And poor Idris Elba's character tried to not lose his cool, but Michael was always there. And then had like a stupid office down on the first floor or whatever. He never goes away really. What role does the accounting corner play on the show?

Oscar: It's like we're on a really really good basketball team, like the Lakers. We win championships and we get rings, but we're on the bench, and if they need us we come in and we do our thing, and we try to get some rebounds and score some -- that was a bad analogy -- and score some points. But we're on the bench and we're happy to be there. But we're not the starters. What was it like auditioning for The Office?

Oscar: Well, I just hoped we wouldn't mess it up, because I was a big fan of the British one, which was genius -- I watched all the episodes. And then I heard they're making an American version, and I auditioned for it, and luckily I got picked, and then I thought, well okay, it's a pilot. We'll shoot the pilot, and that'll be it. It won't get picked up. I'll make a little money, and go back to whatever it is I was doing.

And then I found out Steve Carell was cast as the lead, and then I kind of thought, you know what, we have a shot at this because that's perfect casting. Other than Ricky Gervais, I think only Steve could do that part. What's it like working with Steve Carell? What, if anything, have you learned from him?

Oscar: It's nice to see him, like, learn huge amounts of monologue in five minutes, and that's inspiring and it lets you think you could do it. And then you find yourself doing it. Everyone's nervous when you first get there and then you get used to it, and you're like "Wow. This is kind of really cool."

He's funny. Everyone has their own funny thing. Everyone [on the cast] pretty much has chops, but what I've learned from Steve is not how to be an actor, but how to be a person. He's very very responsible. Loves to be with his family. Works his butt off. And is pretty damn normal, and that's a cool thing. How are you different from your character on The Office?

Oscar: I'm not that anal. Not at all. Who (or what) inspires you as an actor?

Oscar: I always liked Tony Randall on The Odd Couple. How have the characters developed over the past seasons?

Oscar: You know who we are, but in the end it's a workplace, and so we come into work and just kind of do our jobs. I always think: I'm at work, and I'm being filmed by a film crew that I don't want to be here. And I don't want to be filmed. I just want to do my accounting work.

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Sep 10, 2009
Go Oscar. You rock!
Sep 09, 2009
He's so funny. We saw a different side of Oscar in The Proposal.
Sep 09, 2009
Looking forward to the new season.