Oh, So Joss Passed on the Buffy Remake

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... Joss Whedon won't be working on Warner Bros.' upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie remake/reboot, but apparently he could have. According to "studio insiders," Whedon was approached about the new project, but passed on it to work on other things (like The Avengers). Just thought we'd clear the air, as previous news implied that he wasn't invited to the party. [The Live Feed]

... Michael Urie has signed on to co-star in the new TBS pilot Brain Trust, starring D.B. Sweeney as a detective who works with a think tank of super nerds. Urie, known best for his role as Marc on ABC's Ugly Betty, will play a brainy professor who's part of the think tank. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Food trucks are all the rage, so obviously someone is making a show about them. What is it, a docudrama about a food truck on TLC? A reality competition show on The Food Network? No, it's a sitcom on ABC. Check please! [Variety]

... J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz is locking up its cast pretty quickly. After recently signing Jorge Garcia and Sarah Jones, the series has landed two more actors: Jonny Coyne (Undercovers) will play Alcatraz warden Edwin James, and Jason Butler Harner will play associate warden E.B. Tiller. [Deadline Hollywood]

... According to Margaret Cho, who heard it from someone else who heard it from someone else, Bristol Palin competed on Dancing With the Stars because her mom, Sarah Palin, told her to. Apparently Sarah partially blames Bristol for her not winning the 2008 election, where she ran with John McCain. So Sarah wants America to forget all that teen pregnancy crap and fall in love with Bristol again, and figured that Bristol appearing on DWTS was a good way to make that happen. This is probably all hooey, but hey, it sounds good. [E! Online]

... Monkey see, monkey do. ABC is like, soooo jealous of Fox and its hit Glee, so it is totally trying to copy Fox's style. The network is developing two musical shows for next season: a mother-daughter relationship drama starring former Glee guest star Idina Menzel, and a half-hour female-driven musical comedy. Wow. For the sake of all things manly, let's end this trend RIGHT NOW. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The Walking Dead is one of TV's hottest new hits, so why shouldn't the show fire its entire writing staff? Rumor has it that producer Frank Darabont has let go of every last scribe and will take a shot at hiring freelancers next year instead. This isn't completely unusual, but it certainly isn't typical. Darabont himself was credited with writing the first two episodes of the series, and co-wrote or re-wrote the other four. Don't get too scared yet. [Deadline Hollywood]

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