Old Spice, New Ad

Years ago, deodorant commercials were loose interpretations of those awful cologne ads that featured a chiseled man rolling around in water while a desirable woman stroked his perfectly waxed chest. Then someone would whisper a stupid word and, lo and behold, that word appeared on a bottle.

Thankfully that tired idea got old, and advertisers realized that normal men wear deodorant not so they can flop around on sandy beaches, but instead to avoid smelling like old socks. The cologne-ad-stench wafted away, ushering in new commercials that were closer to beer ads because they incorporated humor.

Old Spice has been the king of said ads, thanks to the inclusion of a lethal dose of eccentricity and the brilliant use of Bruce Campbell and a really, really long painting of a ship in a memorable spot that first aired more than three years ago.

But whatever firm is responsible for the Old Spice campaign has outdone itself with the company's latest offering. Hypnotic and hilarious, it gets my approval and deserves acknowledgment for being the best ad on television right now. The genius of the spot lies within its pretense of selling men's deodorant to a female audience; it's actually the equivalent of a guy seeing another man hit on his girlfriend. That'll sell some Old Spice, for sure.

I'm on a horse.

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