Olympian Q&A: Gretchen Bleiler

NAME: Gretchen Bleiler
SPORT: Women's snowboarding
BIRTHDAY: April 10, 1981
PARENTS: Robin & Jim and Larry & Sharon
SIBLINGS: Chad, Scott, Andy and Katelyn
PETS: Montana - Yellow Lab
WEBSITE: www.the-collection.us

With big dreams and no outlet, it took a few tries for Gretchen Bleiler to figure out how she was going make it to the Olympics. For her it was always a question of "how," never "if." First there was swimming or diving, that didn’t stick; then it was hockey--nope, that didn’t stick either; lastly came snowboarding--that was the one! She started riding, as most little sisters do, because that’s what her brothers did, but soon she realized that this was something that would take her as far as she wanted to go. Since then, Bleiler has racked up a number of medals, awards and titles. To read more about Gretchen Bleiler visit OffThePodium.com

Q: What's in your bag?

A:Giro Helmet, Snickers candy bar for energy, Swix wax and tuning tools, extra Oakley goggles and Grandoe gloves, and finally my Napster mp3 player.

Q: What are some of your "must have" products?

A: Definitely my Napster MP3 player and my K2 Mix snowboard!

Q: Best dish that you can cook?

A: I do not cook.

Q: If you could be great at any other sport what would it be and why?

A: Surfing because I love warm weather and the beach!

Q: You're stranded on an iceberg, what three things do you need to have with you?

A: Oakley's "The Boss" puffy jacket to keep warm, my new signature GB Grandoe gloves because my hands always get cold first, and my Napster mp3 player to keep me occupied until I am rescued from the iceberg by my knight in cozy down, Lord Christopher.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: A professional snowboarder...does that mean that I am grown up?

A: What’s something nobody knows about you or would never expect from you?

A: That I love interior decorating and I am good so keep me in mind in the future:) I will be famous.

Q: If you could have breakfast with anyone in the world who would it be and what would you order?

A: I would choose some of the people in my life who have passed away, like my grandfather, my dogs Toby and Cody, and my friend Jeff and just catch up with them and talk about stories. And I would order chocolate pancakes :)

Q: Three words to describe you?

A: Confident, meticulous and a lover who also fights.

Q: Best Halloween costume ever?

A: A ghost.

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