Olympian Q&A: Jeremy Bloom

NAME: Jeremy Bloom
SPORT: Men's freestyle skiing
HOMETOWN: Loveland, CO
BIRTHDAY: April 2, 1982
PARENTS: Char and Larry
SIBLINGS: Molly and Jordan
WEBSITE: www.jeremybloom.com

Q: Dream car?

A: Tour bus.

Q: First job?

A:Never had one.

Q:Super power you wish you had and why?

A:Fly, DUH.


A:Pat Tillman, because he is my hero. To me, what Pat Tillman embodied in life is everything that I strive for.

Q:Best dish that you can cook?

A:Vegetable soup in a crock pot.

Q:What would you rather have a Super Bowl Ring or an Olympic gold medal?


Q:Which is a cooler feeling: playing football for your school or skiing for your country?

A:Skiing for your country.

Q:One thing you want to do before you die?


Q:If you could be great at any other sport what would it be and why?

A:Tennis, because its a sport that you can do for a long time.

Q:What’s a better color combo gold, white and black or red, white and blue?

A:Red, white and blue.

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