Once Upon a Time: Straight to the Heart (of Darkness)

Once Upon a Time S01E16: "Heart of Darkness"

All I can say to Once Upon a Time right now is YES YES YES YES YES.

If there are going to be five "meh" episodes and every sixth one is like this, then I am happily on board. After weeks of treading water, "Heart of Darkness," in comparison, was like riding on the back of a dolphin, a sexy dolphin shaped like Brad Pitt who kept winking at me like, "This what you like, girl?" and I was like "EEEE! AhEEEE! EEEE!" which is dolphin for "Yes Bradphin, yes."

Last night paid off on a lot of careful set-ups. Obviously Red was the first clear indicator of this (she told Prince Charming to get a head start, then put in the crazy contacts and took off the cloak to become a crazy monster of crazy... love it).

...but even the first moments of Snow White with the iconic red bow, humming a few bars from Snow White's "With a Smile and a Song" and then trying to kill a parakeet and then being pulled into a dwarf intervention, that was hilarious. And in addition to being hilarious, it made perfect sense that giving up her love (via drinking Rumple's elixir) destroyed all the love inside her: That's a poetic consequence that fits with the logic of magic in the world of the show.

Meanwhile, in the real world, it became painfully clear that Mary Margaret was being set up. And while I was ready to beat my head against the floor in preparation for the angsty weeks of angst ahead of us, the plot moved forward with a succession of three important developments:

1. Mary Margaret took Mr. Gold on as her lawyer (hell, I'd take Robert Carlyle on as my lawyer, and I don't mean either of his characters, I mean the actor himself, because he could probably mind-meld a courtroom into thinking whatever he wanted them to think about me).

2. Henry showed Emma his mother's crazy skull key ring!! Seriously love Henry these days.

3. Mary Margaret found a key and got the hell out of prison. I know this is ultimately her not trusting Emma to get her out of prison, but can you blame her? I wouldn't trust Emma to make me a sandwich without getting a shoe and some fingernail clippings involved in the mix. Forgive Mary Margaret, but maybe she wanted to live.

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